Inside Story of the Winners of iAniMagic2015 – Daz Yang

We have witnessed numerous creative animators participating in #iAniMagic2015 this year. Professional animators, amateurs, and people who are simply interested in hand-drawn animations have brought very exciting pieces to the competition.

Daz’s participating project “Party Time” caught the eyes of the judges and Animation Desk team, and won the 3rd place during iAniMagic2015 contest.

Today, the Animation Desk team is honored to invite a longtime user Daz Yang, from Kaohsiung, Taiwan,
to share her journey of creation with us. Daz has been working in the art industry for several years and has been producing her own animations. In her spare time, Daz enjoys the beauty of hand-drawn and stop-motion animations. Continue reading “Inside Story of the Winners of iAniMagic2015 – Daz Yang”

Let NoteLedge Spice Up Your School Life

The autumn term for schools and universities is now well underway. As winter slowly creeps in, the warmth and energy from the summer will soon fade away. Workload is starting to build up and school life is getting more stressful. But there is no reason to have a negative attitude; there are so many ways to keep your spirits up! You can make your school life more interesting and organized with NoteLedge. So get some inspiration from the designs below!

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NoteLedge User Story – Dreams from an Artistic Yogi in Andalusia

“NoteLedge has been pivotal in a number of artworks I’ve created. For example, one time I did a painting aUsing Noteledge in the studiond I thought it was finished. A couple of months later I looked at it and I had a wild idea about what I might do to it but I was nervous about spoiling what I’d already done.

What I did was take a photo of the painting, import it into NoteLedge and then sketched my idea over the top of the photo. From this, I saw that the idea would work and I had the courage to change the painting.

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