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KDAN is committed to providing diverse AI-driven workflow and data solutions. We empower businesses to enhance operational efficiency, optimize organizational agility, and create business value through innovative digital solutions while pursuing the vision of sustainable development.

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Our Story

Kenny Su, the founder and CEO of KDAN, began his career as a software engineer. In 2008, he recognized the market potential of digital tools when Apple introduced the App Store and successfully monetized the first utility app. Founded in 2009, KDAN has expanded its presence in the digital sector from mobile document editing software to cross-device document workflow services and innovative data solutions. Today, KDAN aims to become a global leading digital enablement brand through AI-driven workflow and data solutions.


What is KDAN

In today's fast-evolving digital landscape, KDAN (pronounced /k'dən/) embodies four essential roles for business growth: Keeper, Doer, Adventurer, and Navigator. KDAN is dedicated to empowering businesses to master extensive information processing demands with a focus on human-centered product design. By offering intuitive, secure, and reliable digital workflow and data solutions, KDAN enables professionals to thrive and grow together in an ever-changing environment.


Our Mission and Vision

KDAN's mission is to provide innovative digital workflow and data solutions that enhance operational efficiency, empower decision-making, and drive business growth. Our vision is to empower businesses through digital enablement, enhancing agility, and maximizing business value.

Brand Promise



We build a culture of agility by adapting quickly to internal and external market changes.



We incorporate inclusion and diversity into all aspects of product development and implementation, ensuring that every user can enhance work efficiency through our innovative digital solutions.



We aim to be the most trustworthy and reliable partner for global businesses to facilitate digital transformation and drive business growth.

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KDAN Sustainable Engagement

We're committed to environmental protection and social prosperity. We prioritize enhancing quality of life and environmental friendliness in product design and operations. Together with our partners, users, employees, and society, we're building a future of sustainable prosperity.

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