Let NoteLedge Spice Up Your School Life

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The autumn term for schools and universities is now well underway. As winter slowly creeps in, the warmth and energy from the summer will soon fade away. Workload is starting to build up and school life is getting more stressful. But there is no reason to have a negative attitude; there are so many ways to keep your spirits up! You can make your school life more interesting and organized with NoteLedge. So get some inspiration from the designs below!

Organize your week in a creative way

Most of you have probably found your way around the new environment and started to create a routine for your school life. But the word ‘routine’ does not have to be boring and regimented, why not try to spice things up a little by highlighting the best and most important parts of your week?

Clip images and maps onto your notes so you know exactly where you are going when there is a party.

There is a built-in web browser in NoteLedge, enabling you to easily clip website contents.


Remind yourself of important tasks and things, such as buying early-bird tickets, your family members’ birthdays or returning library books.  (click arrow to see more)

Let’s not forget about the glorious days when you don’t have class!



Make beautiful posters and flyers in a few taps

Are you in the committee of a certain society or club at university, and need a flyer maker to make some promotional posters for events regularly? Use NoteLedge to easily create some posters that suit your needs. The text insertion and various drawing tools, such as the brushes and color palette, let you add digital and hand-written texts to the page. You can also use the layer tool to help you rearrange the different content layers.

Whether it’s for a Jazz concert…


Or a fresher’s party. In a few minutes you can create, save and share anything with your friends. It is as easy as that!


Like it? NoteTube it!

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It doesn’t take much to start being creative; we’ve made templates you can start using today! If you like any of these designs, you can find it on NoteTube by typing “university” in the search box. Just tap into the notebook you like on NoteTube, download it and you can start editing it. So you don’t even have to start from scratch! To find templates on other topics, type in any keywords in the search box and find the templates you are interested in. If you have fantastic ideas and designs that you want to share with others, just upload it onto NoteTube and let others benefit from it!

Discover what NoteLedge and NoteTube has to offer now!

So make the most out of your time at university and have fun!

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