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Knowledge Drives Your Business Growth

Market insights and company know-how are the most valuable assets to scale your business. Leveraging knowledge management effectively boosts your work productivity and drives successful team collaboration.


Unique Content Makes Your Business Stand Out

Visual content is essential for brands and marketers to create awareness and tell relevant stories. Statistics* state that good storytelling and content generate traffic and directly increase sales.

*Source: The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2020, Hotspot, 2020

Creative Collaboration Magnifies the Impact

Effective team collaboration and idea exchange enable creatives to stay focused on the team's goal and lead to better outcomes.

*Source: The Future Of Work Is Creative Collaboration, Forbes, 2018

We Help Your Team Unleash Creativity and Accelerate Your Content Creation Process


Build Knowledge to Empower Your Workforce

Effectively collect and organize knowledge from PDF, ebooks, web pages, or conferences. Automatically summarize key information and share knowledge via our team collaboration workspace.


Make Brilliant Ideas Happen


Create storyboards, video outlines, or moodboards to map out your thoughts visually and accelerate communication with your team or clients. Organize ideas and plan content production accordingly to engage your target audience.


Tell Engaging Stories to Impact the World


Make videos, animations, and design sketches with a wide variety of creative tools. Publish your work on social media or your desired platforms to reach out to your audience and make an impact.


Create a Collaborative Workspace for Your Team


Document your content creation process and exchange ideas to strengthen team communication. The ability to export content to multiple formats allows creatives to work across devices seamlessly through our cloud service.

Bermudy Chen
Bermudy Chen

Filmmaker from China


We often need to develop storylines for films and animations, and Animation Desk is the tool I use to record thoughts and ideas in meetings.

Joseph DiGangi III
Joseph DiGangi III

Founder of AssureTech from the United States


As a small business owner without editing experience, I like the ability to create tutorials on my smartphone with Write-on Video. It's a simple way to show how our mobile app works, and they're fun to share on the website or social media.

Cherry Jeffs
Cherry Jeffs

Mixed Media Artist from Spain


I think NoteLedge is a great tool for artists because, as well as using it as a tool for our own creative process. We can export the notes as single images or PDFs to share on our blogs and social media as well as in newsletters we send to collectors, galleries and so on – so it becomes a mini-publishing tool.

Meet Creativity 365, the Best Creative Solution to Make an Impact

Creativity 365 makes information gathering, content creation, and publishing simple and efficient across mobile and desktop platforms.


Read and annotate web pages, PDF, or ebooks. Share knowledge in real-time within your team.



Take better notes with multimedia tools. Capture inspiration, make moodboards, and sketch out your ideas.


Animation Desk

Create frame animations & cartoons with beautiful brushes, onion skin, and animatic storyboards.


Write-on Video

The video editor for all storytellers. Build video outlines, make storyboards, edit clips, and publish videos.

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