6 Tips for iAniMagic 2017 Success

If you’ve been itching to get your hands on that Atom 2.5 3D Printer DIY Kit, DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter Drone, or one of our other great prizes we’ve got some advice for you. To help you succeed and increase your odds of winning we’ve prepared these tips based on past mistakes as well as a bonus tip about the judges. Continue reading “6 Tips for iAniMagic 2017 Success”

#AD4EVER Back to Basics Event Now Live!

Here’s the first set of tutorial videos that you’ve been long waiting for. In the videos you will find a step-by-step guide to create animations, and everything that will get you started. We have sorted the videos that demonstrate different animation-making techniques from the very basics to advanced functionality, all provided by Animation Desk. We hope to provide you with the resources that get you one step closer to an outstanding animator!

Along with the tutorials, we are also bringing #AD4EVER contest back in the game! Objective? Apply the tips and tricks you’ve learned from the videos and make an animation clip yourself. It’s as simple as that! Continue reading “#AD4EVER Back to Basics Event Now Live!”

An Invitation to Join the Other 60 Million

Back in 2014 we had this bold idea to move every single one of our packages to the Kdan Cloud services, with a commitment to serve our customers better. We envision a drastic change in the industry and we were among those that created the bandwagon. Tech Crunch saw what we did and gave us the recognition, calling us an alternative to the substantially more expensive Adobe creative solutions.

Two months after our Cloud App Series launched on App Store in July 2015, we’ve piled up over 30 million downloads worldwide.

That number climbed up to 60 million today.

If you still wonder why others see us as the integral part of the next generation of digital content creation, we want you to ride with us.

Here’s what we offer: Continue reading “An Invitation to Join the Other 60 Million”

Inside Story of the Winners of iAniMagic2015 Part II: Bermudy Chen, Animation Desk in Filmmaking

In our first inside story of #iAniMagic2015, Daz Yang discussed how storyboard[feature] assisted her in conceptualizing her ideas, and shared some handy tips on the making of animation projects. We have since been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from you; it is incredible to know that Animation Desk has gathered a solid group of followers that inspire us to keep pushing it forward.

“The Super Coffee” by Bermudy, stood out among the others, and won the 2nd place during iAniMagic2015 contest.

In this edition, we have the first runner-up of iAniMagic2015, Bermudy Chen, talk about how Animation Desk streamlines his workflow in filmmaking and animation creation.

Continue reading “Inside Story of the Winners of iAniMagic2015 Part II: Bermudy Chen, Animation Desk in Filmmaking”

Inside Story of the Winners of iAniMagic2015 – Daz Yang

We have witnessed numerous creative animators participating in #iAniMagic2015 this year. Professional animators, amateurs, and people who are simply interested in hand-drawn animations have brought very exciting pieces to the competition.

Daz’s participating project “Party Time” caught the eyes of the judges and Animation Desk team, and won the 3rd place during iAniMagic2015 contest.

Today, the Animation Desk team is honored to invite a longtime user Daz Yang, from Kaohsiung, Taiwan,
to share her journey of creation with us. Daz has been working in the art industry for several years and has been producing her own animations. In her spare time, Daz enjoys the beauty of hand-drawn and stop-motion animations. Continue reading “Inside Story of the Winners of iAniMagic2015 – Daz Yang”