#AD4EVER Back to Basics Event Now Live!

Here’s the first set of tutorial videos that you’ve been long waiting for. In the videos you will find a step-by-step guide to create animations, and everything that will get you started. We have sorted the videos that demonstrate different animation-making techniques from the very basics to advanced functionality, all provided by Animation Desk. We hope to provide you with the resources that get you one step closer to an outstanding animator!

Along with the tutorials, we are also bringing #AD4EVER contest back in the game! Objective? Apply the tips and tricks you’ve learned from the videos and make an animation clip yourself. It’s as simple as that!


This event is open for all Animation Desk users.

What to do?

Go to AniZone[Link] and watch the tutorial videos. Create your own animation and share it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Weibo. Remember to use hashtag #AD4EVER so we can find you! 


Any version of Animation Desk on your mobile devices! That includes Animation Desk Lite, Animation Desk Premium and Animation Desk Cloud across all platforms.


The event will run for 2 months, with new tutorial videos being released every week starting from (May 12st, 2016). Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram so you won’t miss anything! You have until (July 13th, 2016) 11:59PM EST to submit your animation to any of the above mentioned social media platforms.


We know making animations could get challenging at times, but it’s really not as hard as it seems! We will walk you through some animation tips and tricks, as well as the concepts about animation making. We are also offering special prizes for the participants! Don’t miss out this great opportunity.


  1. Watch the tutorial videos on AniZone.
  2. Apply what you’ve learned and make your own animation. (It can be a GIF, video or in the storyboard format.)
  3. Upload to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Weibo with hashtag #AD4EVER.
  4. We will draw 10 lucky winners for the prize!

Prize for Winners

The winners will not only win a 30-day premium membership of Animation Desk, but will also enter the draw for a special animation gift from us!