How Your Small Business Can Best Utilize Animation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many does an animation convey? 

The fact is, ever since the dawn of time, animated images easily catch our attention, holding our imaginations captive. Of course, even in the 21st century, we still adore dynamic pictures and films that tell a story. That’s precisely why animation remains a potent force for marketers and why it’s crucial for businesses of all sizes to embrace it – particularly small businesses, where animation can make a significant impact.

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18 Animation Styles to Bring Your Stories to Life (With Examples)

Explore 18 mesmerizing animation styles & bring your stories to life. Ignite your creativity and captivate your audience. Start animating now!

Animation is a big industry – and while you may think of animators as the people who work at Disney or Pixar making Oscar-Award-winning films, animators can be found in many different industries using various tools.

Many of the animators working today will have something in common. Animation artists use digital software to help them tell a beautiful story through whichever creative style they pursue. Animation Desk is one of these software tools, designed to be intuitive and accessible to even amateur and aspiring animators looking to start their journey.

To help showcase the various forms of animations, and how digital technologies like – Animation Desk – can assist you with producing them, we have created this guide to discuss 18 different types of animation. By the end, we hope you can identify the distinct animation type you prefer, understand its target audience, and begin producing your own animated works.

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What Are The Most Popular Animation Jobs?

Discover the most sought-after animation jobs in the industry. Explore exciting career paths and opportunities in the world of animation.

Animation has been an essential part of our culture as well as the entertainment world since its invention in the early 20th century. Today, the Japanese anime industry alone rakes in $24.8 billion dollar a year!  Just as animations have progressed from hand-drawn to virtual reality, the industry has also expanded to encompass a diverse array of jobs.

As cool as a job in animation sounds, many may not be aware of the career path or skills necessary to work in the animation industry. In this article, we’ve listed some of the most popular and sought-after animation jobs in the industry as well as some ideas on how to get those jobs.

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Character Animator: All You Need To Know

Discover the essential skills, roles, and responsibilities for excelling as a Character Animator, along with valuable salary information. Start your journey today!

Excuse me, hero, I’m in need of your service.

Did you know a bachelor’s degree in the animation field paired with a passion for creativity can land you a career as a character animator? 

Every gamer has become attached to a character at some point in their virtual quest, player-versus-player battle, or digital adventure. Character animation involves the technical skill of developing life-like characters, usually on a tight schedule, that involves working overnights and weekends around a game’s highly-anticipated release date. 

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How to Draw Cartoon Faces in 8 Simple Steps

Learn the art of drawing cartoon characters with our easy 8-step guide. Unleash your creativity and bring your favorite cartoon characters to life!

The ability to draw cartoon facial features is a fundamental skill for any animator. Whether you are brand new to drawing faces or are an experienced cartoon artist that has been doing it for years, this is a skill that can always be improved. With the uses and implementations of simple shapes, you can easily create a variety of different facial features and cartoon styles to spur all of your cartoon drawing ideas.

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