25 Foxit Alternatives For PDF Reader Software

PDF reader software is essential for viewing and editing digital documents. Here are 25 popular Foxit alternatives for you to try.

The PDF file type has been around for almost as long as the World Wide Web.

We use PDFs all the time, so often that we take for granted that this file format was invented to solve a particular problem for us – the ability to view, share, and edit documents digitally.

But, there’s more to this handy file format that helps improve your digital workflow.

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How to Work with Both Hands on Kdan Windows Apps with Surface Dial

When your creative juice is overflowing, don’t you just wish that you could use both of your hands to sketch out and jot down everything quickly? With Microsoft’s Surface Dial, a handy input device, you can explore new creative processes with both hands. In order to bring its advantages to our users, we have recently integrated the Surface Dial with our Windows apps, including Animation Desk and PDF Reader, for a faster and more intuitive way to scroll, zoom, navigate and more! Continue reading “How to Work with Both Hands on Kdan Windows Apps with Surface Dial”

PDF Reader Extends its Features on Universal Windows Platform

Dear users of PDF Reader on Windows, we have got some fantastic news for you!

PDF Reader for Windows has just launched an update with the addition of Windows Ink and Creativity 365. Besides benefiting from the Windows Ink technology, you can take advantage of the improved user interface with all the extended tools and Cloud storage that enables file synchronization as well as data security and encryption. It is possible to achieve a higher level of personal security and privacy by utilizing robust features of data security management. Enjoy streamlining and optimizing your content creation workflow across different devices, be it Windows, Android or iOS. Continue reading “PDF Reader Extends its Features on Universal Windows Platform”

An Invitation to Join the Other 60 Million

Back in 2014 we had this bold idea to move every single one of our packages to the Kdan Cloud services, with a commitment to serve our customers better. We envision a drastic change in the industry and we were among those that created the bandwagon. Tech Crunch saw what we did and gave us the recognition, calling us an alternative to the substantially more expensive Adobe creative solutions.

Two months after our Cloud App Series launched on App Store in July 2015, we’ve piled up over 30 million downloads worldwide.

That number climbed up to 60 million today.

If you still wonder why others see us as the integral part of the next generation of digital content creation, we want you to ride with us.

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