Kdan Raises $5 Million to Expand Market Reach and Collaboration Solutions

Great news! Kdan has received 5 million USD in Series A Financing. Coming off a productive and successful 2017 this news reassures our goals to continue this upward trend for an even more successful 2018. This year we will focus on further expanding our market reach and developing new features you’re sure to love!

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6 Essential Apps to Master Your Semester

Remember last semester’s time crunch when you swore you’d be more productive next time??

Fret not, we’ve got you covered. Here are five essential apps for students to beat the new semester woes. Don’t just browse through the apps – use them! Continue reading “6 Essential Apps to Master Your Semester”

How I Made a Video Resume Without Filming Myself

It’s important to separate yourself from the sea of applications as a job candidate. A video resume allows you to express personality, show interpersonal skills, and display your public speaking to an employer, where the traditional written resume does not. Matching your personality and attitude with the culture of a company has become increasingly more important when selecting candidates for a new position. Being able to display this firsthand through a video resume will not only help the employer but will ensure that the applicant will be matched with an appropriate role. Using simple editing software can give you the tools needed to create a professional, yet attention-grabbing resume. An effective video resume will impress the hiring manager and may give the extra push needed to secure the position.

A video resume is a brief account of the experience, qualifications, and interests of a job applicant that is submitted to an employer in a video format. Continue reading “How I Made a Video Resume Without Filming Myself”

How To Take Awesome Pet Photos With Your iPhone

Welcome back to part two of our Photography series, in our previous piece we talked about how to better your iPhone photography skills. At Kdan Mobile, it’s safe to say we’re big fans of animals and know how many people out there have pets of their own that they love dearly. Capturing photos of an unpredictable and moving subject such as a dog, a cat, a horse, or another animal can be sometimes tricky – but don’t worry, that’s where we come in to help! Continue reading “How To Take Awesome Pet Photos With Your iPhone”

#AD4EVER Back to Basics V: It’s Time for Stop Motion Animation

You must have come across a flip book when you were younger and find yourself unable to resist flicking it over and over again once you have started. And after each time it leaves you with a feeling of amazement, as you see static images come to life in front of your eyes.

In this edition of #AD4EVER Back to Basics, we will introduce to you stop motion animation, an animation technique that shares some basic principles as flip books. As one of the oldest techniques in the history of animation creation, stop-motion is a timeless and essential animation skill to add to your knowledge base. Continue reading “#AD4EVER Back to Basics V: It’s Time for Stop Motion Animation”