The 9 Best Digital Nomad Jobs In 2024

Explore the top digital nomad jobs for 2024, from blogging to digital marketing, and embrace a life of freedom and adventure.

Being a “nomad” in 2024 no longer means joining a hunter-gatherer clan or wandering about a desert with all your possessions on your back. According to Statista, the number of digital nomads in the US reached 16.9 million in 2022 and is steadily increasing. People become digital nomads for various reasons, including the ability to be flexible, a passion for traveling, and the desire to break free from traditional jobs.

Though today’s nomads are still wandering, the term, along with the prefix “digital,” now refers to a growing group of people taking advantage of our world’s technological advances to pursue more location-independent careers. If you want to be a so-called “digital nomad,” keep reading to find out the essentials for being a digital nomad, and some of the best digital nomad jobs this year.

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5 Most Useful Social Media Marketing Ideas in 2023

Today’s brands have a big task if they want to keep growing – they’ve got to up their marketing game. Every year, this challenge changes as new tools and ideas pop up. Social media is an ever-evolving phenomenon. In this article, we’re diving into specific upgrades that will help you take your marketing approaches to the next level — in 2023.

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10 Animated Cartoon Backgrounds to Bring Life to Your Creations

Discover 10 captivating animated cartoon backgrounds that will infuse your creations with life and charm. Unleash your creativity now!

Looking for animated cartoon backgrounds for commercial use or want to make your own? Animated cartoon backgrounds can be a cool touch to add to your Zoom backgrounds, video streams, animations, and more, especially if you’re looking to enhance your commercial use cartoons. They’re a huge step up from a traditional static background! 

Cartoon backgrounds are popular for video calls, and they make once-boring remote meetings more fun and light-hearted. Your background of choice can also display your unique personality or your mood. Others can tell a lot about you, just by looking at what you choose to display on the screen behind you.

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Inspiration Board vs Mood Board: Unleashing Your Creative Potential

Inspiration Board or Mood Board? Uncover the secrets to maximizing your creative potential and improving your design workflow.

Whether you’re working on your next project or simply want to motivate yourself to accomplish something great, starting and navigating the creative process can feel difficult — and oftentimes taxing. That’s where an inspiration board or mood board comes in handy! These tools are an effective way to collect your thoughts and explore your favorite visual inspiration to help you bring your ideas to life. While both of these options are beneficial to your creative process, it’s important to recognize when each of these is best suited for the project you’re working on. 

Read on to learn more about inspiration boards and mood boards, what makes them different and how they can help you streamline the creative process of your next project.

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18 Animation Styles to Bring Your Stories to Life (With Examples)

Explore 18 mesmerizing animation styles & bring your stories to life. Ignite your creativity and captivate your audience. Start animating now!

Animation is a big industry – and while you may think of animators as the people who work at Disney or Pixar making Oscar-Award-winning films, animators can be found in many different industries using various tools.

Many of the animators working today will have something in common. Animation artists use digital software to help them tell a beautiful story through whichever creative style they pursue. Animation Desk is one of these software tools, designed to be intuitive and accessible to even amateur and aspiring animators looking to start their journey.

To help showcase the various forms of animations, and how digital technologies like – Animation Desk – can assist you with producing them, we have created this guide to discuss 18 different types of animation. By the end, we hope you can identify the distinct animation type you prefer, understand its target audience, and begin producing your own animated works.

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