An Invitation to Join the Other 60 Million

Back in 2014 we had this bold idea to move every single one of our packages to the Kdan Cloud services, with a commitment to serve our customers better. We envision a drastic change in the industry and we were among those that created the bandwagon. Tech Crunch saw what we did and gave us the recognition, calling us an alternative to the substantially more expensive Adobe creative solutions.

Two months after our Cloud App Series launched on App Store in July 2015, we’ve piled up over 30 million downloads worldwide.

That number climbed up to 60 million today.

If you still wonder why others see us as the integral part of the next generation of digital content creation, we want you to ride with us.

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Advanced Storytelling tips for Animators


With just over a week until the end of iAniMagic 2015 | The Living Light Box, it’s time to get into the hard work of getting your audience to fall in love with your story. There are a number of techniques and skills you can use to your advantage, but making them all come together is easier said than done. With that, here are some final tips to spur you on in these final days!

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