How to Draw Cartoon Faces in 8 Simple Steps

Learn the art of drawing cartoon characters with our easy 8-step guide. Unleash your creativity and bring your favorite cartoon characters to life!

The ability to draw cartoon facial features is a fundamental skill for any animator. Whether you are brand new to drawing faces or are an experienced cartoon artist that has been doing it for years, this is a skill that can always be improved. With the uses and implementations of simple shapes, you can easily create a variety of different facial features and cartoon styles to spur all of your cartoon drawing ideas.

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#AD4EVER Back to Basics V: It’s Time for Stop Motion Animation

You must have come across a flip book when you were younger and find yourself unable to resist flicking it over and over again once you have started. And after each time it leaves you with a feeling of amazement, as you see static images come to life in front of your eyes.

In this edition of #AD4EVER Back to Basics, we will introduce to you stop motion animation, an animation technique that shares some basic principles as flip books. As one of the oldest techniques in the history of animation creation, stop-motion is a timeless and essential animation skill to add to your knowledge base. Continue reading “#AD4EVER Back to Basics V: It’s Time for Stop Motion Animation”

#AD4EVER Back to Basics IV: Cutout Animation – A Technique Evolving with Time

(Featured image from the famous South Park TV series)

This week we are taking you on a trip back down history lane, teaching you one of the oldest and simplest animation techniques that has evolved with time. Cutout animation has witnessed the change in society and embraced the ease of making animations using the latest technology without losing its fundamental principle. Continue reading “#AD4EVER Back to Basics IV: Cutout Animation – A Technique Evolving with Time”

#AD4EVER Back to Basics Event Now Live!

Here’s the first set of tutorial videos that you’ve been long waiting for. In the videos you will find a step-by-step guide to create animations, and everything that will get you started. We have sorted the videos that demonstrate different animation-making techniques from the very basics to advanced functionality, all provided by Animation Desk. We hope to provide you with the resources that get you one step closer to an outstanding animator!

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