Kdan Mobile Partners With Sourcenext To Enter Japan’s Largest Mobile App Market

Imagine being able to use your favorite apps, just like you binge-watch your favorite movies and shows on Netflix…paying for one monthly membership and getting unlimited access! 

In Japan, that’s exactly how it works!

We’ve just partnered with Sourcenext, the largest independent consumer software provider in Japan, to get PDF Reader for Android included in App Pass by Softbank. Our goal is to continue to help users everywhere maximize their productivity! Continue reading “Kdan Mobile Partners With Sourcenext To Enter Japan’s Largest Mobile App Market”

Finding the Best PDF App on the Market

Digital practices in business, like using the PDF file format, are becoming even more prevalent in our lives as the workplace becomes more technologically advanced. PDFs’ advantage is that they are compatible across different platforms/devices. There are many different tools available that let you manage and edit PDFs between  various devices, making it harder to choose the solution that works best for you and your team.

Nowadays, most of us use more than one device for work, but it can be difficult to transfer that information between your devices.

Before you start researching the numerous PDF apps available, here are five key aspects you should consider: Continue reading “Finding the Best PDF App on the Market”

“Attention, Class!” – Learn New Ways to Be a Smarter Teacher with Creativity 365

A shout-out to all the great teachers out there! You do so many tremendous things every day to enrich the lives of students. And now we want to show our gratitude for all your hard work by sharing some ideas on the tools that can assist you in your school life. Whether you want to make your students’ learning process more interesting through the use of other methods of teaching, or simply seek for instruments to help you with your administrative tasks, take a look at our suggestions! Continue reading ““Attention, Class!” – Learn New Ways to Be a Smarter Teacher with Creativity 365”

Write-on Video User Story: Vlog your Colorful Life like Bella

Write-on Video is now 2 years old! As the latest product of Kdan’s Creativity 365 App Series, Write-on Video has grown from a basic video caption tool into a popular professional video editor! Such a tremendous leap was the direct result of you and our other amazing users sharing interesting videos and constructive feedback on the app. Through all of you we have been able to learn about the variety of creative approaches to video editing, and thus continuously improve the app to suit your needs. Continue reading “Write-on Video User Story: Vlog your Colorful Life like Bella”

The Importance of Colors in Design

All successful business owners are aware of the impact of colors on the human mind. For example, shades of red actually encourages customers to make a purchase. Smart business owners therefore liberally use color psychology to attract customers, boost sales, and generate more revenue. Continue reading “The Importance of Colors in Design”