The Importance of Colors in Design

All successful business owners are aware of the impact of colors on the human mind. For example, shades of red actually encourages customers to make a purchase. Smart business owners therefore liberally use color psychology to attract customers, boost sales, and generate more revenue.

NoteLedge is the ideal app for creative entrepreneurs who want to add a dash of color in their business lives. It is a note-taking app with a difference as it not only helps people jot down their thoughts and ideas, but also supports photos, sketching, and video and audio recording. To further enhance your design approach and effectively implement these tools, you can also contact a custom web design agency for expert guidance and solutions.

Businesses have been using colors to attract customers and boost their profits from times immemorial and you can use NoteLedge to do the same.

As previously mentioned, the color red, when sparingly used, encourages customers to make a purchase. The red in’s website design is warm and inviting, encouraging visitors to stay on and get a better look. While yellow creates an aura of friendship, creativity, optimism, and confidence, black is all about sophistication and glamour, which is exactly what people look for in online casinos. For businesses aiming to evoke these sentiments in their digital presence, consulting with expert system design consultants can provide invaluable insights and strategies.

Color Theory Infographic

(Source: Designmantics)

Taking this into account, you can use NoteLedge to create designs with similar impact. NoteLedge allows you to drag colorful scenes and pictures from the Internet and incorporate them in your designs. You can add colorful covers or your own photographs to personalize your notes. The design of NoteLedge itself is awe-inspiring as it has dark grey as the main color, challenging app users to experiment with bright colors and create notes with style.

Leveraging NoteLedge brings complete multimedia support, making it easy for you to create presentations, designs, and notes that can capture maximum attention, especially when the product requires product design sprint service. All you have to do is create your own color palette with all your favorite colors, choose from a wide range of brush effects and techniques to make notes, create designs, or draw and sketch. The Apple Pencil will help you to draw naturally with various color tones, rendering effects, and shadows.

Pencil sketches with NoteLedge

You can also use the built-in Web Clipper to drag beautiful images and videos from online sources such as Unsplash, YouTube, or Getty Image. This could be very useful when you’re making travel journals, cookbooks, or design mockups.


With the support of Kdan Cloud, NoteLedge provides you an easy way to store and share your creative works between different platforms. Having the ideas of colors will help you define visual hierarchy of your designs, and create beautiful notes to present your works. Noteledge will be a great addition to your arsenal and there is nothing stopping you from playing with colors to achieve the right psychological effect for each situation.