We all know a well-polished portfolio is a key to landing that dream job or internship. While building a portfolio can be a time-consuming task, it doesn’t have to be costly or boring. Animation contests are a fun, efficient and cheap way to start building your portfolio (or even your first Smart Google Ads). They’re also a great opportunity to network, interact with other creative minds, and often win more than just a title. We’ve compiled a list of our 5 favorite animation contest and the best part is they’re all free! Continue reading “BUILD YOUR PORTFOLIO WITH THESE 5 FREE ANIMATION CONTESTS”

How I Made a Video Resume Without Filming Myself

It’s important to separate yourself from the sea of applications as a job candidate. A video resume allows you to express personality, show interpersonal skills, and display your public speaking to an employer, where the traditional written resume does not. Matching your personality and attitude with the culture of a company has become increasingly more important when selecting candidates for a new position. Being able to display this firsthand through a video resume will not only help the employer but will ensure that the applicant will be matched with an appropriate role. Using simple editing software can give you the tools needed to create a professional, yet attention-grabbing resume. An effective video resume will impress the hiring manager and may give the extra push needed to secure the position.

A video resume is a brief account of the experience, qualifications, and interests of a job applicant that is submitted to an employer in a video format. Continue reading “How I Made a Video Resume Without Filming Myself”

Point, Shoot & Click – iPhone Photography Tips

Ansel Adams once said, “there are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”

The emergence of the iPhone has given more people than ever before the access to a quality camera and turned more and more into photographers. In 2016 alone, it was estimated that there were 1.1 trillion photos taken across the globe and 81.3% of those people used a mobile phone to capture their images (source: mylio).

With the rise in popularity of iPhone photography, these are some tips that we have compiled to help take your creativity and photography skills to the next level. Continue reading “Point, Shoot & Click – iPhone Photography Tips”

NoteLedge User Story: Incorporating NoteLedge Into the Daily Life of an Educator, Author and a Mother

“NoteLedge is my constant companion for capturing ideas for decorating and writing … [it] has allowed me the freedom to be more of a fearless writer”.

Continue reading “NoteLedge User Story: Incorporating NoteLedge Into the Daily Life of an Educator, Author and a Mother”

The Importance of Colors in Design

All successful business owners are aware of the impact of colors on the human mind. For example, shades of red actually encourages customers to make a purchase. Smart business owners therefore liberally use color psychology to attract customers, boost sales, and generate more revenue. Continue reading “The Importance of Colors in Design”