Point, Shoot & Click – iPhone Photography Tips

Ansel Adams once said, “there are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”

The emergence of the iPhone has given more people than ever before the access to a quality camera and turned more and more into photographers. In 2016 alone, it was estimated that there were 1.1 trillion photos taken across the globe and 81.3% of those people used a mobile phone to capture their images (source: mylio).

With the rise in popularity of iPhone photography, these are some tips that we have compiled to help take your creativity and photography skills to the next level. Continue reading “Point, Shoot & Click – iPhone Photography Tips”

How to Deliver a Good User Experience

User experience (UX) is a combination of content and user interface. Imagine yourself as a restaurant owner. Your guests are the users and the food served is your content. The dishware on the table is the user interface that presents the content. The whole dining experience is the user experience. Just like having dinner in a restaurant, users are not only looking for products that are just “usable” or “beautiful”, they are also looking for other intangible benefits like efficiency, emotional satisfaction, sense of belonging or fun.

Good user experience is important because it makes your product accessible, interactive, and memorable to your users. Arguably even producers of most necessities are embodying the idea of user experience as they run out of ideas to compete on the tangible qualities of what they sell. To deliver a happy user experience, a user research prior to product development is necessary. There are also tools that can help you gather data from your users after product launch, such as Google Analytics, Flurry , and Facebook Analytics.

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Congratulations! Winners of iAniMagic2016: My Ani-Character Contest Announced

We want to first send a big thank you to the animators who participated in iAniMagic2016: My Ani-Character and helped make it a real success. We had hundreds of fantastic submissions this year, which consequently made it a real challenge for our judges.

We are delighted to announce that the grand winner of this year’s animation competition is: Continue reading “Congratulations! Winners of iAniMagic2016: My Ani-Character Contest Announced”

NoteLedge User Story – Capturing the Elusive Creative Design Process

“It is a really great tool to capture class work daily, which also enables students to share work with family at home. Using NoteLedge has given the students (and I) the choice to support and diversify their documentation; it also has been great choice for differentiated learning.“

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Creative Brainstorming Techniques: Customer Journey and Story Mapping

You might have already read our previous articles about the contextual inquiry models. These models help you to discover user behaviors and their pain points. As rich as the data collected from contextual inquiry can be, your team should spend some time together to define which gap to tap into and what solutions to offer. Group discussions can take place in many forms but with one main purpose- idea generation. We will introduce two creative brainstorming techniques which enhance the process of idea generation, customer journey and story mapping. Continue reading “Creative Brainstorming Techniques: Customer Journey and Story Mapping”