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Volkswagen Follow Me TaiwanAs the world’s largest automakers, Volkswagen sold over 10.3 million vehicles worldwide in 2016. To support its global business and manage its daily operations, VW needs advanced processing systems and tools to ensure smooth operations. In this User Story, we are honored to be featuring a very special guest, Kevin Chen, General Manager at VW Follow Me in Taiwan. He shares with us the challenges he faces and how Creativity 365TM Business  tools help solve issues, increase productivity and improve internal communications and team work at his company.

Mobility is the key to sustaining competitive advantage

In the daily business operations of the sales team at Volkswagen, a large portion of the routine tasks involves structured documentation of information. At times, it could be challenging to keep up with the documentation and have access to folders when the team is on the road visiting customers. Such issues could set back one’s speed in completing a task, thus affecting one’s working efficiency. Therefore, it is important for the team to be able to carry out routine and urgent tasks no matter where they are.

At Volkswagen, a lot of documents are in the form of PDF. Regardless of whether it is a purchasing contract, a document for sales orders, insurance policies or internal processes, PDF files are an integral part of operational processes. Chen shares that despite how PDF files are widely used in his company, there are certain limitations to some PDF software when used remotely due to licensing constraints. 

“To ensure that my sales team has the right set-up to work effectively, I had to find a solution that supports the need of remote documentation and safe file transfer,” Chen adds.

General Manager Kevin Chen: “Using Creativity 365 helped save up to 82% on licensing costs. It is a holistic solution for any device on any platform.”

A few months ago, Chen introduced Creativity 365TM Business to his team to help improve productivity. This in turn also assisted the company to step towards a paperless office. Let’s discover how Creativity 365TM Business helps them.

How the teams at Volkswagen use Creativity 365 Business at work

Kevin Chen Volkswagen Follow Me TaiwanChen’s responsibilities as General Manager:

  • Give approval to sales orders
  • Sign purchasing contracts
  • Confirm internal processes

Creativity 365 functions used:

  • Scan paper document using his mobile phone with Scanner
  • View financial documents with PDF Reader
  • Editing, signing and converting PDF files with PDF Reader

“By using PDF Reader, I can let our customers sign purchasing contracts directly on my iPad and archive them immediately for safe keeping. Embracing this paperless culture dramatically reduces time and labor costs,” says Chen.

Scan documents anytime, anywhere

“Signing off internal documents has also been made easy. I will scan documents onto my phone and save them as a PDF. This way a lot less memory storage is used compared to an image file, and PDF has better quality. As documents are digitalised, I can sign them and send them to the relevant department right away for the next steps. It’s highly efficient!”

Volkswagen sales team

Sales team’s responsibilities:

  • Introduce customers to the different car models
  • Arrange car viewing and car testing for customers
  • Give the customers and their family a memorable

Creativity 365 functions used:

  • Jot down customers’ specific car requirements and put together all relevant information on one page with NoteLedge Simple format but packed with content
  • Video record the whole car testing experience and make it into a follow-up gift for customers using Write-on VideoMake it one to remember
  • Create a fun and interactive car viewing experience for customers and their children by making car animations on Animation DeskShare the fun of car viewing with children

Worldwide users from various industries use Creativity 365 TM for work

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