Kdan Interns: It’s Your Turn to Find a Career Path that You Love

Kdan company trip

An internship with Kdan means doing a lot more than getting coffee or making copies. You’ll immerse yourself in a professional environment under the guidance of our highly-experienced and friendly team. We believe real-world experience through internship positions is crucial for personal and professional development.

Angel, Felix, Xander, and Jill found their way to Kdan – and they recommend applying for an internship with us if you have the chance! We spoke with our four summer interns to see what they had to say about their experience with us.


In Taiwan, Angel and Felix are both seniors at National Cheng Kung University studying Foreign Language and Literature. In the U.S., Xander and Jill are seniors at Juniata College. Xander studies Entrepreneurship and Chemistry, and Jill studies Professional Writing and Digital Media.


Q: How is your school life going?

A: I expected my major to be more practical, so my internship with Kdan made up for what I lacked at school. Outside of my studies, I joined the school’s Ambassador Division to coordinate events. I planned a music festival “甘噪祭” (translated as “Sweet Sound Festival”) with my friends. 

F: During my freshman year, I was the Class Representative. I arranged work out duration, outdoor activities and gatherings for my peers. As a junior, I put my energy into sports and triathlon training because I’m one of the athletes on the NCKU track and field team.

X: I love being in college, but I dislike classes. I prefer to be working on projects or doing a campus job, which is why I am a tour guide as well as an Advancement Intern on campus.

J: I love the classes I’ve been able to take. While I’m almost always very busy, my work is fun and fulfilling. I have a job on campus with the Video Production Team as well and the Writing Center. I also enjoy working on the college’s paper, The Juniatian



Q: What kind of job did you have at Kdan?

A: I handled customer support and updated our knowledge base translation, which can be both challenging and rewarding. 

F: Like Angel, I worked in customer support and knowledge base translation. I like translating because it’s great to bridge the gap between people and different language barriers. 

X: I generated social media content for Kdan’s pages and performed market research. I learned how to do several aspects of business development which was cool. 

J: I wrote blog content and created digital marketing videos and tutorials. My experience was fun!


Q: What was your favorite part of the internship?

A: My role at Kdan helped me explore my love of technology and use different apps to keep myself productive even more so than I already was doing. I love the work environment here because my colleagues are like friends. We hung out for Karaoke, played video games, and watched sports after work together.

F:  My first impression of Kdan was the relaxing and friendly work environment in a cozy office. I liked the fact that I could get a taste of getting a real job and meeting new people. One day, I expect to take on more responsibilities and more challenges. 

X: I really appreciated getting to put all of my creativity into all types of outlets. Creating graphics and being in videos was a lot of fun. I’m glad I got to do both. 

J: As part of the Back to School campaign, I really enjoyed the chance to create content, which involved the development of a ‘dorm-room ramen’ recipe video to be posted on social media. It was a fun, creative project that I am particularly proud of.


Q: What are your future career goals?

A: I like drawing and posting my work on Instagram, but I’m not sure if I can make a living as an illustrator. I now have the chance to work as one of Kdan’s animation freelancers, and that’s been a really cool start to my professional career. I’ve already worked on animated promotional videos for DottedSign which was a fun project.

 F: I want to become a translator. I like comic books, gaming, and TV shows. It would be great if I can translate this content for people who speak different languages. To prepare for that, I also took Japanese as my second language. 

X:  I hope to one day own a brewery and become a college president to form connections with people in my community. 

J: After college, I want to find a job in the digital marketing field, and was offered a position at the Huntingdon Daily Times as a writer and page designer after graduating this winter! 


Q: What is the benefit of an internship?

A: I think an internship helps us understand the real business world. You can meet a lot of people with similar academic experiences, but also different expertise. I feel glad that I can discuss with them or talk with them about my career path. 

F: It’s great to learn from experience and get paid for what you love doing. There are many other school activities to be explored in your freshman and sophomore years, but I recommend getting an internship in your junior/ senior year. 

X: My internship helped push my creativity and ability to learn how to go beyond what I already know to do a better job at something. It also gave me experience in a field I was interested in, which will help me succeed when I graduate. 

J: This internship gave me practical experience in the type of work I’m interested in. I had the chance to be creative and learn more about the digital marketing field. For college students, I think internships are valuable not only to gain experience for the resume, but also to help students figure out what they are truly passionate about. 

We’re always looking for eager, creative interns to join our team! We appeared at Juniata College’s Career Day in search of interns that can support our marketing team and help create content, and are still accepting resumes!


If you are interested in finding your passion and exploring something new, consider working with Kdan. If you would like to apply for an internship in Taiwan for this coming summer, visit our careers page for more information. If you’re in the U.S., please reach out to us here, and we’ll get you in touch with our team. In turn, you could find your way to a career path that you love.