The Magic Wand for Note-Taking – Vector Brush

Vector Brush is an essential tool for professional graphic design and content creation. Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW are two of the most popular vector-based illustration programs on PC/Mac. On mobile devices, Vector Brush has been widely used for professional design apps, such as Adobe Ideas, iDraw, and Ink Brushes. If you are thinking only professionals would benefit from having Vector Brush, you might want to learn how including it in the note-taking app could make a difference. Read along.

When it comes to note-taking, Vector Brush becomes a necessity for handwriting and drawing. The scalable feature of Vector Brush allows users to scale drawings or writings larger or smaller to any size without losing their resolution. As more and more note-taking apps support the zoom-in feature and enable users to write or draw details, Vector Brush becomes the magic wand to perfect the experience.

Let’s take a look at the comparison between vector and bitmap(pixel-based) graphics.


Bitmap or pixel-based images are composed of blends of tiny dots, called pixels. When a pixel-based image is scaled to larger sizes, like the example above, it loses its sharpness and becomes jagged on the edges. On the other hand, vector images are based on the connection of points, lines, curves and polygons on a mathematical plane. No matter how large a vector image is scaled, it will never lose its quality. Take a closer look at another comparison below, the differences between vector and pixel-based images are imminent.


The same rule applies to brushes. While pixel-based brushes become blurry when scaled larger, vector brush maintains its sharpness under any circumstances. Thus, Vector Brush makes an ideal tool for handwriting, line arts, illustration, and logo design. Wouldn’t you think that having Vector Brush will change how your works look now? Vector Brush should not just be included in apps designed for professionals. This is why we are introducing the Vector Brush to NoteLedge for iPad.

If you enjoy handwriting your notes, you will love the new combination of Vector Brush and scalable paper. With the latest version of NoteLedge for iPad, you can scale the paper up to 300% and still be able to write and draw details that can be seen clearly from any size. Vector Brush keeps the strokes sharp and smooth as you resize the paper, which makes it perfect for the retina display of your beautiful iPad screen. It works even better with the palm rest and supported stylus.

We will now show you how Vector Brush could make a noticeable difference in your note-taking experience. First, draw or write on the paper set at 100%.

Zoom in the paper with two-finger pinch, and you’ll see the clarity Vector Brush provides.

We have talked about the benefits of Vector Brush, by now you might wonder why we still offering many other pixel-based brushes in NoteLedge. While Vector Brush makes a perfect tool for handwriting and line arts, pixel-based brushes are ideal for different purposes and effects, such as painting, coloring or drawing diagrams. These amazing artworks below demonstrate the beauty generated by the combination of different brushes.

Credit: Ting L., Honorable Mention of NoteLedge E-card Competition 2012

Credit: Chris S., Creative Mention of NoteLedge E-card Competition 2012

We are excited to add the Vector Brush to our brush family and offer more options to our NoteLedge fans! Here’s some more good news; we are making Vector Brush FREE for a limited of time (original price $1.99) in the full version of NoteLedge for iPad. Download it from NoteLedge Store and experience the enhanced note-taking fun! The offer won’t last, act quick!

Author: Emily Lin

Emily is the Product Manager of NoteLedge at Kdan Mobile. Majored in Mass Communication at Boston University, she has a strong passion for new media, web design, and digital marketing. She's a huge sports fan and enjoys exploring the world.