5 Insider Hacks from the NoteLedge Team

It takes more than creativity and technical skills to build an app. Experimentation, communication, and teamwork are key to keeping the project up and running. For our NoteLedge team, the best way to refine a product is to put ourselves in the users’ shoes and use it in our daily workflow.

Today we’re sharing some insider hacks. Read on and learn how our staff use NoteLedge to generate ideas, facilitate communication, and deliver a better user experience. You just might discover useful tips you’ve never thought of before. Continue reading “5 Insider Hacks from the NoteLedge Team”

The Magic Wand for Note-Taking – Vector Brush

Vector Brush is an essential tool for professional graphic design and content creation. Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW are two of the most popular vector-based illustration programs on PC/Mac. On mobile devices, Vector Brush has been widely used for professional design apps, such as Adobe Ideas, iDraw, and Ink Brushes. If you are thinking only professionals would benefit from having Vector Brush, you might want to learn how including it in the note-taking app could make a difference. Read along. Continue reading “The Magic Wand for Note-Taking – Vector Brush”