How NoteLedge Helps Creators Organize (and achieve) Their Dreams

NoteLedge has offered a set of convenient tools that allow influencers like Nurul to make creative projects like an inspo board for her dream home office. Read more about how NoteLedge make it happen.

NoteLedge's user story

Inspiration can strike at any time, especially for those with a creative mind. Keeping track of all your ideas in one convenient place you can access at any time can be key for fueling your creative process. If you can relate to needing such a resource, then you might have a lot in common with our featured interviewee today, Nurul Mimsy.

Nurul Mimsy, user of NoteLedge

Nurul is a full-time digital marketer by day and a freelance blogger and content creator by night. With her pursuits in blogging and other content creation, Nurul is constantly researching, planning, and scripting to create engaging content.

NoteLedge has offered convenient tools that allow her to clip things like text and images from the web and put them directly into her notes, which she uses for creative projects like an inspo board for her dream home office.

For all the notes she makes, NoteLedge offers customization options for formatting notes and organizing them. This combination of flexibility and capability is vital to Nurul.

“The thing that I like most about NoteLedge is that it allows me to be spontaneous, yet keeps me organized. It’s because of this app that I am able to make things quickly without worrying about making mistakes or not being able to capture my ideas in one place.”

using NoteLedge to take note and make mood board

If you would like to hear more about Nurul’s journey with NoteLedge and learn how it can help you with your own creative process, then read on to hear more of our interview.


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Meet Nurul Mimsy, Content Creator & Digital Marketer

Q: Could you give a brief introduction of yourself?

Nurul: Hey there! I’m Nurul Mimsy, a full-time digital marketer by day and freelance blogger and content creator by night. I was born in Malaysia, raised in Singapore and studied in Australia — making travel a huge part of my life growing up. My interests include roller coasters, YouTube, modest fashion, food and exploring the world with my husband.

Q: Which device and operating system do you use NoteLedge on?

Nurul: I am currently using NoteLedge on my iPad Pro (11 inches), an Apple Pencil (2nd Generation), and an iOS operating system.

Q: How do you use NoteLedge in your creative/design projects? How does NoteLedge help you in this project or your daily work?

Nurul: Most of my ideas come to me at random times of the day, usually during my commute or when I am about to go to sleep. Hence, I will always have my iPad with me, and I feel that NoteLedge is a great note-taking companion to have, regardless of whether it is for work or a personal project, because of how easy it is to use this app.

All you have to do is open the app, create a new note, and start writing, sketching, or drawing right away. The interface is clean and easy on the eyes, which makes it perfect for long usage. Another great feature of NoteLedge is its ability to work offline — which is perfect for me because I’m constantly on the go.

There are also a number of different templates to choose from so if I need some guidance or something more structured, these templates can help make it easier for me to create what I envision in my mind instead of trying to remember everything. On the flip side, if my creative juices are flowing, I am always able to just draw freehand on my screen. There are different brushes, pens, and even highlighters that would be useful for regular note-taking.

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Q: How was your overall experience with NoteLedge? What do you like the most about NoteLedge?

Nurul: To be honest, I had expected that the learning curve would be steep, especially when learning to familiarize myself with a new app or software, but overall, I would say that the experience of using NoteLedge was surprisingly easy. The thing I like most about NoteLedge is that it allows me to be spontaneous yet keeps me organized. It’s because of this app that I can make things quickly without worrying about making mistakes or not being able to capture my ideas in one place.

There are also a ton of templates available for me to use as a reference when creating new notes, and this makes it easier to get started. On top of that, I am able to create folders, add tags and use hashtags to help me categorize and organize my ideas, depending on the project that I am working on.

Q: You mentioned in your Instagram post that you like to use the Web Clipper to gather information from the Internet. Can you share more details about it? What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

Nurul: As a blogger and content creator, a lot of my time is spent on planning, scripting, and research before heading out to create the actual content. I am a very visual person, so I tend to work better with pictures or diagrams, as it helps me to better visualize the end product of my project. Hence, for all of my content creation projects and even personal projects like decorating my home studio, I frequently binge on websites like Pinterest, Behance, or other blogs for inspiration.

I love using NoteLedge’s built-in web clipper as it allows me to clip images and texts from apps like Pinterest and add them directly into my mood board or notes without having to save the image onto my device. On top of that, since I am using an iOS device, I can also browse any website on Safari and simply hold my Apple pencil onto any image and then proceed to drag and drop that image into my NoteLedge notes. It works for texts and even hyperlinks, so this is easily my favorite feature as it saves me a ton of time and, most importantly, memory space!

Q: Also, on Instagram, you mentioned you enjoy handwriting notes. How was it like transitioning from traditional pen and paper to digital notes like NoteLedge? Any pros and cons you want to share?

Nurul:  Growing up, I’ve always been a physical note taker — I like the feeling of writing on paper, and there’s something satisfying about crossing things off a list. But as I was cleaning out my room last year, I found myself staring at piles of old planners from the years that had gone by, not knowing what to do with them.

My husband gifted me the iPad Pro on my birthday last year, and that was when I started taking notes digitally. It took some getting used to, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. It takes up less space on my desk than physical pens and notebooks, it’s easier to organize everything into folders when I need to find something later, and I can easily link my notes with my calendar, so all of my plans are automatically synchronized with my schedule. Plus, if my iPad ever gets ruined by water, my notes will never disappear! I can easily log into another device and retrieve all of my notes easily using the same app.

Nurul Mimsy, user of NoteLedge

I know that many people still prefer the traditional way of taking notes, but as someone who has tried both methods, I can confidently say that digital note-taking is better for me. I still keep a small stash of cute post-its lying around my work desk in case I feel like writing on paper. Still, since I stopped using physical planners last year, I have been addicted to using digital note-taking apps like NoteLedge to help keep myself organized by letting me keep track of my notes and schedules digitally. Digital planners are a great way to stay organized while staying cost-efficient and environmentally friendly as well.

Pro Tips from a Creative Professional

Q: What are some tips and tricks you recommend to others in order to better use NoteLedge?  

Nurul: Firstly, I would highly recommend you to get a good stylus together with a screen protector that is comfortable for you. For me personally, using the Apple Pencil 2 together with a Paperlike screen protector really helps enhance my note-taking experience with NoteLedge.

Secondly, getting organized from the start is a great way to kick off your note-taking journey on the right foot. If all of your notes are not categorized, it would be a hassle for you to sort things out later on, and this might make you feel overwhelmed, especially if you are new to digital note-taking. Make use of the folders on NoteLedge and customize your notebook covers to motivate you to have an organized mess of your own!

using NoteLedge to customize your notebook cover

Lastly, if the project you are working on is private and confidential, or if you would like to have added security to your notes, there is actually an option for you to add your own password and lock your notes. I found that really cool as this is really handy when using a shared work device (so that your notes don’t accidentally get deleted by your child) or if you’re planning a surprise party for your significant other!

I would highly recommend you explore all of the features on the NoteLedge app and check out the Kdan Mobile Support page for more tips so that you can make full use of the whole experience. There are so many functions that might be helpful to you and your note-taking style.

Q: How do you personally like to take notes? 

Nurul:  Personally, I usually do not use a notebook or any type of paper when I take notes. Instead, I prefer to use a laptop or tablet because it allows me to move around more freely and also allows me to access information from anywhere at any time. I like to “idea dump,” and I use a lot of bullet points because it makes the information easier to digest. I also really like using colorful pens and highlighters, as the colors help me organize my thoughts more easily and make it easier for me to keep track of what’s important or which points to focus on.

I don’t like to be confined by a rigid system of rules and regulations, instead, I like to be able to take notes in whatever way feels best for me at the time. I find that I retain information more easily when I am able to translate it into my own language, which is why I don’t use any special formatting or organization when taking notes.

I would say that my note-taking style is spontaneous, and I like to write down my ideas as soon as they come to me. To a stranger, it might look like it’s all over the place, but to me, it’s an organized mess 🙂

How NoteLedge Stands Out Among Other Note-Taking Tools

Q: Have you tried other note-taking apps before? What do you think about NoteLedge compared to other apps while working on a creative/design project?

Nurul: I’ve tried a lot of note-taking apps, but they were all either too complicated or not intuitive enough. Compared to other note-taking apps that I’ve tried before, I think the best part about this app is that it offers both free and premium versions, so you can try it before deciding which one works best for your needs. The note-taking style is also fully customizable to the user; I can change the cover of my digital notebooks as and when I like, and there are templates readily available if I ever need them.

Even better than that, though, is the fact that there are no ads! No pop-ups or distractions when all you want is an empty canvas so you can get down to business without any distractions from other websites or apps trying to get your attention by telling you about their newest offers or sales opportunities – which can really get annoying sometimes when you just want peace and quiet.

Don’t Let Your Ideas Overwhelm You! Unleash Your Creativity with NoteLedge

For Nurul, NoteLedge helps manage her long list of ideas and plans. For content creators who are constantly coming up with new ideas and pursuing many projects, being able to collect and organize these thoughts is essential. With NoteLedge, you have the tools to fully manage your note-taking habits through custom formatting, categorization, and other features.

Thank you, Nurul, for sharing your experience with NoteLedge! We are incredibly grateful that our products can help creatives accomplish their goals. Keep up with Nurul’s journey through her blog and other social media!

You may see a little bit of yourself in Nurul’s story and understand the experience of being creative and needing to juggle many ideas at a time. If this is the case, then maybe the solution that worked for Nurul can work for you.

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