2014 iAniMagic Animation Contest now on AniZone

iAniMagic 2014

It’s official–iAniMagic 2014 kicked off on August 21st! If you are interested in winning a MacBook Air, grab your iPad and get drawing. Before you start, don’t forget to view the submission guideline on AniZone.

iAniMagic, the free animation contest you wouldn’t want to miss

The main platform for iAniMagic 2014 is AniZone, a community where you can gain exposure and repute as an animator. Register now and start to build your own animation portfolio! As we will contact iAniMagic winners via their registered emails, please sign-up with an active email address. Check out the “About” section to learn more about AniZone.

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Winners of the Stamp Design Competition 2014 Announced

After one month and 450 submissions later, we are proud to announce the ten winners of the Stamp Design Competition 2014. The contest was held in celebration of Kdan Creative Store with the purpose to inspire and encourage creative talents around the world. Besides online voting by the public, we invited experienced and professional artists to help us select the winners. Kdan mobile would like to congratulate the winners and give special thanks to all who participated. The winning designs will be available for purchases in Kdan Creative Store. Without further ado, here are the winners:

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“Keeping it Real” in the Digital Era—New Tools for Traditional Art

Ignore the naysayers—traditional art is not dead. On the contrary, more artists are combining painting, sketching, and other traditional mediums with the Internet and digital tools. The results are spectacular. With animation and design apps that feature realistic brush strokes, artists can produce works with the feel of traditional mediums. Kdan Mobile is at the forefront of this movement. To show our support for the merging of traditional art and new technologies, below we introduce and tip our hats to artists who are “keeping it real” in the digital era.

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Three Apps That Will Make You More Efficient in 2014

Around this time of year, there’s a good chance that a recent overdose of turkey and booze has left you feeling a bit sluggish. Time to snap out of it! While your coworkers dwell in post-holiday malaise, step up your game and set yourself apart with the help of Kdan Mobile’s tools. Below we introduce three apps that enhance connectivity, mobility and data integration. These apps will inject a shot of efficiency into your work life, and impress the boss and colleagues with your technological savvy.

icon_doc plus

Doc Plus – Word Processor for Microsoft Word & OpenOffice Edition

Does typing and editing a Word document from your iPad sound like a hassle to you? It does to us, and that is exactly why Kdan created Doc Plus. Doc Plus is the most convenient way to create Word documents on your iPad. Leave your laptop behind and use your iPad to jot down meeting minutes on the go. Export the file as a Word document and share it with colleagues via email or Airdrop. This app’s user interface is a true work of art—with a few swipes of your fingers, all of the most important document editing features of Microsoft Word are at your disposal. You can also enrich your documents by inserting pictures from your device’s photo library.

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Another Milestone: 20 Million Downloads Worldwide

App Downloads

You probably think that the North American and European markets still hold a significant lead in the market for mobile Apps. Well, the gap between the West and East is closing up quickly. While North Americans and Europeans still account for approximately 50% of App Store downloads, since 2012 downloads in the Asia Pacific region have witnessed a dramatic increase, with downloads from Taiwan, China, and Japan doubling from the previous year, and growing to occupy 20% of total App Store downloads. The remaining 30% of downloads are split between Africa, the Middle East, India, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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