NoteLedge User Story – When Tradition meets Technology


“This multifaceted app is incredibly useful for my study… It offers many practical functions which are way beyond what traditional note-taking can ever offer.”

In this edition of NoteLedge User Story, we are featuring the recent interview with the grand prize winner of our JustForYou Christmas Lucky Draw 2015, Meng Chen Tsai. She has shared with us her user experience with NoteLedge and how she has integrated technology into her study of traditional Chinese Medicine.

Meng Chen Tsai

As a student at China Medical University in Taichung, Taiwan, taking notes is a prominent part of the student life of Meng Chen. After discovering NoteLedge, this app has become one of her major revision companions, helping her organise her important study notes.

“I mainly use NoteLedge to record information about Chinese herbal medicine. There are so many different types, actions and indications of each medicine, so it is very important to jot everything down carefully right from the start and not mix up any information.”

By using NoteLedge, Meng Chen has found the note-taking system that works well for her. “During class I just use my iPhone to take a snapshot of the herbal medicine being taught that day via the in-app camera function in NoteLedge, and then I can immediately add the name and details of the medicine all on the same page.”

Chinese herbs
Meng Chen uses NoteLedge to help her study Chinese herbs

Besides carefully writing the detailed notes, organising them in a systematic way is key to an efficient note-taking system. Meng Chen finds, “NoteLedge is incredibly convenient and it is really easy to organise the notes afterwards.” Particularly during exam period, she can quickly browse through her notes and flick to the relevant page to find the required notes right away.

“I love that NoteLedge lets me preview the notes as thumbnails and jump to a specific page. It is so useful and I can find relevant notes in just a few taps. I can zoom in and out easily and focus on the parts that I need. This is something that traditional note-taking with pen and paper cannot achieve! Plus I can have all my notes on my iPhone!”
Integrate traditional notes with digital notes and the zoom-in function

Besides using the app for preparing her study notes, the 29-year-old also uses NoteLedge in her leisure life to make greeting cards on the move. “I really like the stickers on NoteLedge and I use them for making cards. I hope that more sticker collections will be launched so that I can design more beautiful cards.”

Many thanks to Meng Chen again for supporting NoteLedge and sharing her story. We wish her all the best for her study!

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