NoteLedge User Story – Capturing the Elusive Creative Design Process

“It is a really great tool to capture class work daily, which also enables students to share work with family at home. Using NoteLedge has given the students (and I) the choice to support and diversify their documentation; it also has been great choice for differentiated learning.“

In this edition of User Story, meet Narelle Gleeson, a secondary school Art and Metal Technology teacher at Monbulk College, Australia, and her student, Tahlia Gass. They embedded NoteLedge into their classroom activities to capture their ever-elusive creative design process. But why so elusive, you might ask? We were curious too.

As Narelle explained, the creative process involves “physical contact being transferred into an aesthetic vision and the changed condition of a material that allows a transformation to take place.” The vision and transformation process has to be documented at every stage – a daunting task made easy with NoteLedge.

Tahlia used NoteLedge to take photos at every stage of her beautiful, hand-crafted dolphin pendant project. Every tool is recorded in meticulous detail.

When Tahlia recorded every stage, she meant, every stage. Every change is a milestone in her design process.

Even detailed practical construction work can be captured in motion with NoteLedge’s video function. While Narelle was busy coaching another student in class, she could easily assess Tahlia’s practical skills in the video later on and make suggestions for improvement.

Narelle’s class also uses the app to take photos of their product, draw designs, add inspirational pictures and record peer evaluations. Students forgetting instructions and benefits of self evaluation are a thing of the past. With NoteLedge, Tahlia took a snapshot of the Design Brief below so she could view the instructions at her convenience.


All the relevant information is being compiled in one readily accessible, shared NoteLedge book like the one shown above.

Narelle has found NoteLedge books an excellent way to capture daily classroom work not just for assessment purposes, but for families to view their children’s progress as well. This is what she likes most about NoteLedge: “It’s really easy to use, you can use NoteLedge for lots of different things, and you can use it for work, home or school.”

We extend our sincere thanks to Narelle and Tahlia for sharing their experience. Continue creating and inspiring with NoteLedge!

View Tahlia Gass’ notebook on NoteTube.

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