Congratulations! Winners of iAniMagic2016: My Ani-Character Contest Announced

We want to first send a big thank you to the animators who participated in iAniMagic2016: My Ani-Character and helped make it a real success. We had hundreds of fantastic submissions this year, which consequently made it a real challenge for our judges.

We are delighted to announce that the grand winner of this year’s animation competition is:

Bermudy Chen, “Kungfu Kid”

“Kungfu Kid” by Bermudy Chen

Huge congratulations to Bermudy, who will be receiving an iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (128 GB) and an Apple Pencil!

First Runner-Up winning an iPad Pro 9.7 Inch (32 GB)

Graham Lewis Fleming, “Bump and Grine”

"Bump and Grine" by Graham Lewis Fleming
“Bump and Grine” by Graham Lewis Fleming

Second Runner-Up winning a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium

Kristine Petilla, “Stuffin'”

"Stuffin'" by Cecelia Velasco
“Stuffin'” by Kristine Petilla

Best Storyline Award winning a Wacom Bamboo Fineline 2

Phillip Altstatt, “Phont. A Graphic Designer’s Tale.”

"Phont. A Graphic Designer's Tale" by Phillip Altstatt
“Phont. A Graphic Designer’s Tale” by Phillip Altstatt

Best Creativity Award winning an Adonit Pixel

Tan Guan Tack, “I’m not a picky eater”

"I'm not a picky eater" by Tan Guan Tack
“I’m not a picky eater” by Tan Guan Tack

Sun Yu Hsuan(孫鈺軒), “The Paper Crane”

"Paper Crane" by Sun Yu Hsuan
“Paper Crane” by Sun Yu Hsuan

Best Technique Award winning a Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus

Tan Guan Tack, “The night ninja”

"The night ninja" by Tan Guan Tack
“The night ninja” by Tan Guan Tack

Emmanuel Charon, “Mayan Golem Chronicles”

"Mayan Golem Chronicles" by Emmanuel Charon
“Mayan Golem Chronicles” by Emmanuel Charon

三谷きよし, “COMBAT”

"COMBAT" by 三谷きよし
“COMBAT” by 三谷きよし

Best Sketches Award winning a Pencil by FiftyThree

Toshitaka youno, “push a button in the universe”

"push a button in the universe" by Takashi Suzuki
“push a button in the universe” by Toshitaka yuono

Audience’s Choice Award winning an Apple TV 4 32GB

三谷きよし, “COMBAT”

"COMBAT" by 三谷きよし
“COMBAT” by 三谷きよし

California State University Student’s Award winning an iPad Mini 4 64GB

Ben Davis, “Eat Your Heart Out, Glenn Keane”

"Eat Your Heart Out, Glenn Keane" by Ben Davis
“Eat Your Heart Out, Glenn Keane” by Ben Davis

Shandong University of Art & Design Student’s Award winning an iPad Mini 4 64GB

Shane, “one day”

"one day" by 蔣安一秀
“one day” by 蔣安一秀

Cheng Shiu University Student’s Award winning an iPad Mini 4 64GB

Chen Hung Chia(陳泓嘉), “CAAAAAAAAT”

"CAAAAAAAAT" by Chen Hung Chia
“CAAAAAAAAT” by Chen Hung Chia

Staff’s Pick Award winning 2 Moleskine The Avengers Limited Edition Notebook Hard Cover 

Se Lyheng, “Reachor – The Black Wielder”

"Reachor - The Black Wielder" by Se Lyheng
“Reachor – The Black Wielder” by Se Lyheng

Big congratulations to all the winners! We will reach out to all winners via email.

Here’s the chance to see all the amazing works in iAniMagic2016. Keep an eye out for our future contest!