How to Work with Both Hands on Kdan Windows Apps with Surface Dial

When your creative juice is overflowing, don’t you just wish that you could use both of your hands to sketch out and jot down everything quickly? With Microsoft’s Surface Dial, a handy input device, you can explore new creative processes with both hands. In order to bring its advantages to our users, we have recently integrated the Surface Dial with our Windows apps, including Animation Desk and PDF Reader, for a faster and more intuitive way to scroll, zoom, navigate and more!


Animation Desk X Surface Dial

Empowering our users to unleash their creativity is a key mission at Kdan Mobile, thus this new integration will enable you to quickly access shortcuts and move seamlessly through your workflow. With the latest enhancement of the Dial, specifically the intuitive press and hold feature to navigate, you can stay focused on your work by quickly reaching your desired mode and setting. When creating digital art on Animation Desk, the use of Surface Dial can increase your productivity and precision by giving you quick access to the brush settings, color palette and keyframes.

Under the brush settings and color palette icons, you can tune the brush size, opacity and color by turning the Dial. The keyframes icon is particularly useful for running through your animation in your desired speed; you can pause at any keyframes and make changes as needed.

PDF Reader X Surface Dial

Who says that the Surface Dial is exclusive for artistic users? We believe that the Dial simply involves your other hand in your workflow to help you work faster. This practical tool allows for very fine movement that is more sensitive and accurate than your usual pen, so small adjustments can easily be made. PDF Reader now supports Surface Dial and it offers all 8 PDF annotation tools from the main toolbar, such as highlighting, underlining, comments adding and links inserting.

Besides the frequently used zoom icon, which is very useful for enlarging the small prints on a PDF document, the other annotation tools on the Dial are just as user-friendly. For example, if you want to underline a sentence in green, you need to turn the Dial until you reach the underline icon, press it once to enter the color selection, adjust the color to green and its opacity as desired, press to confirm the setting and you are set to underline anything!


To learn more about the tips and tricks for using PDF Reader and Animation Desk for Windows, you can visit these support pages:

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