The Best Creative Tools for Back to School Season 2021!

It’s that time of year again! Students and teachers are returning to schools in person, meeting each other for the first time in a while, and learning in physical classrooms again.

2021 Back to school sales

It’s that time of year again! Students and teachers are returning to schools in person, meeting each other for the first time in a while, and learning in physical classrooms again. Even though schools and universities are opening back up, the transition won’t be easy. According to Thesis Geek, Educators tend to find ways to continue the online learning experience that students have gotten used to, in order to ensure a smooth transition. One notable example includes some schools in Denmark keeping half of the students in-person, and half remote.

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Engage & Learn Smartly with PDF Reader

Through this transition period of learning, whether students are in-person or remote, it’s important to connect students to each other. The goal is to minimize the gap between online and in-person learning, and choosing the correct tools for your students to use in learning is key to achieving this goal.

The first step is to choose a simple medium for teachers and students to exchange materials without obstacles between the online and physical classroom. 

With PDF Reader, you can freely edit your original texts and documents. PDF Reader is a great tool for teachers who may need to provide different types of documents to their classes. Whether you’re sharing worksheets or excerpts from online textbooks, PDF Reader lets you engage with students and documents easily, supplying you with a complete set of PDF editing tools including adding comments, highlighting PDFs, and drawing. 

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Looking for more examples of how PDF Reader facilitates learning? Check out how Dr. Wang of Juniata College’s Business Department uses PDF Reader for his online courses in this video!

Level-Up Teamwork with Markup

During the transition from online learning to a physical classroom, you might need an effective tool to manage all your group files and data. Online collaboration, project management, and productivity tools are perfect for in-person learning as well. 

Tools like Markup can bridge the gap between virtual and physical teamwork. Regardless if students are working on online projects or discussions or physical group work, you can easily organize and summarize key points on Markup.

Markup is a great productivity tool for both individual study and collaborative group work that allows students to highlight, annotate, and keep records of helpful information such as class notes and study guides. Each student can make their own edits on team documents without being interrupted by the edits created by their peers. They can easily access all readings on Markup’s “Team Clipboards” feature and catch up on what their classmates have been up to with different devices.

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Dream Big & Create Stunning Animations with Animation Desk

One of the struggles associated with teaching and learning online creative courses like art or graphic design is that students may not all have access to the software or devices they can access in the classroom. 

Animation Desk is an app that helps you create stunning illustrations and animations on your mobile devices, export and share easily. It is user-friendly for beginners and professionals alike and is a great way for students to tap into their creative side while learning from home. 

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Enrich Your Study Notes with NoteLedge

Note-taking is one of the most important activities for students; taking notes will help you recall information that could otherwise be forgotten. Likewise, all students and teachers need a note-taking medium that works for them. With so many classroom materials already digitized, why not digitize your study notes and have the ability to incorporate different media into your notes?

NoteLedge is a great multipurpose tool when teaching and learning from home or in the classroom. Its unique ability to incorporate images, videos, audio recordings, and web clippings directly into the notes is especially helpful for learners. This helps teachers and students organize information efficiently from different sources, either online or in-class. Another helpful feature of NoteLedge is that you can write and draw freely on the canvas, allowing teachers and students to use the app as a personal whiteboard with video conferencing software, or present projects with slideshow mode in just one tap!

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Plan and Edit Videos with Write-on Video

The pandemic certainly has brought out many teachers’ creative side, especially those who need to make online lessons, or students needing to make videos for assignments. However, video editing can often be a painstakingly long process. Simplified video editing apps like Write-on Video are exactly what is needed to streamline the video editing process.

Write-on Video is a fun app that may be best suited for teachers who need to perform experiments or demonstrations that might not be easy to capture on live video. You can carefully plan out your video outline and use a variety of editing tools such as transitions, subtitles, and stickers. Write-on Video may be the best solution for the teacher who needs to regularly publish video lessons.

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Prepare For a Healthy Transition Back to Classrooms

Like many people, especially teachers and students, we are all excited to get back into the classroom for face-to-face learning and interaction. However, the skills and tools used and learned during the period of remote working and learning are still applicable. 

Here at Kdan Mobile, we want to support teachers and students worldwide to create a creative and effective learning experience. Now, for a limited time only, you can get the Creativity 365 series with a 30% discount on different devices.