The Future of Work is Mobile – Here’s Why

During the post-pandemic phase, companies need to reconsider their working form, relatively, recruitment problem. May remote work becomes the new norm or not? Must we embrace a mobile mindset? Read more to find your answer.

As many countries have entered the post-pandemic phase, in theory, it should be easier for businesses to recruit and retain employees. However, in reality, companies are facing strong resistance to returning to offices and having a hard time recruiting new employees. 

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Top 10 Industries in Need of Workplace Mobility

Here are 10 that we think can have higher workplace productivity if they implement workplace mobility strategies

“There’s an app for that.” Apple’s 2009 tagline is even more relevant today. Smartphone usage has risen since then, with over three quarters of Americans reporting that they own one of these hand-held miracles of innovation in a 2017 survey. Consumers are using smartphones to order food, access their financial records, find a ride home, and more. But what about businesses? As smartphones continue to do more, what industries can benefit most from ditching the monitor for a mobile device?

Cloud-based technology like Cloud Contact Center means that a company’s agents can service the clientele regardless of their geographic location without being constrained to a physical office or specialized hardware.

As a global app developer with a focus on workplace efficiency, we found that the most likely beneficiaries of the “BYOD” (bring your own device) trend are industries that get bombarded with paperwork and need more effective document management systems. They also have on-the-job responsibilities that require immediate attention. Here are 10 that we think can have higher workplace productivity if they implement workplace mobility strategies: Continue reading “Top 10 Industries in Need of Workplace Mobility”

Productivity Tips From Kdan’s Managers

Imagine how great you feel when you clear your inbox, hit that last submit button, or cross off the final task of the day. What if you could get that satisfaction every day? Staying productive can be difficult, but trying new methods and figuring out what works best can help you (and your team) find a rhythm and maximize performance. 

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