Telling An Engaging Story: Write-on Video’s Storyboard Creator

How to tell a fascinating story through videos? There are several essential elements that your videos must possess. Read on to learn more.

Write-on Video for Android is available now on the Google Play Store! Write-on Video is a simple and intuitive video editor that will help you create video outlines, export YouTube timestamps, and tell your story.

There are thousands of videos being made and published on social media every day. With all of this content being released daily, why is a video still on top of every marketer’s agenda? Because according to statistics, 52% of marketers have stated that creating videos has allowed them to build better trust with their current and potential customers. Therefore, not only is creating a video is an essential way to convey your ideas, but you also need to make sure that your videos can stand out from the crowd.

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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Video Length In 2021

Want to take your Insta feed to the next level? Are Instagram’s video requirements a still mystery? Let’s discover what it takes to master all things Instagram.

15-second Instagram Stories are the most popular content format. Over 1.7 billion people view them each day and over 25% of those users search for brands and products, according to 99firms. But Instagram Stories aren’t the only way to be a great storyteller. 

Let’s join millions of creators and master not only the 15-second video format but also other formats Instagram offers. To start understanding this Instagram video length limit, note that you have a number of other formats at your disposal:

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The Transition Effects You Will Like and How to Make Them

Let’s talk video. It’s no secret that the world is becoming increasingly more digitized in everyday life. It’s important to have the ability and the skill to create and edit videos. In this post, we’ll explore the Write-on Video application focusing in particular on the new transitions that you can add to your videos and take them to the next level. Continue reading “The Transition Effects You Will Like and How to Make Them”