PDF Reader User Story- Bishwombhar Lamsal

PDF Reader helps me greatly in my work environment. It is like my integral friend.

In this edition of User Story, we have asked one of our PDF Reader users, Bishwombhar Lamsal, an Evolved Entrepreneur from Napal to share with us how this app has become an “integral friend” in his professional life. Continue reading “PDF Reader User Story- Bishwombhar Lamsal”

Let’s Bring the File Management Concept to Mac


!!News!! Thank you all for your participation and contribution to PDF Reader Mac Edition. We’ve selected the lucky winners today! Please check your emails now! 😀 

“I need more than a PDF reader ever since PDF becomes mainstream.” Not sure if you share the same level of frustration with me; Mac’s Preview is not doing what I need it to do. Being able to view PDFs doesn’t satisfy me. The truth is I juggle with PDFs regularly. Though the good old saying “busy means prosperous” provides me with the assurance that I’ve been productive, I’ve always tried to avoid rummaging through my files to locate what I need. I then came to realize there are a lot of people who have the need for a good PDF management application. Continue reading “Let’s Bring the File Management Concept to Mac”