5 Tips for Learning More Effectively from Home

This is a guest post written by Dataquest.

Learning from home can be incredibly convenient, but it can also be challenging to make real progress without the structure and rigor provided by a classroom environment.

Here are five science-based tips to increase your chances of accomplishing your goals when you’re learning from home: Continue reading “5 Tips for Learning More Effectively from Home”

Building an Effective Online Classroom Using 3 Tools

Dr. Wei-Chung Wang, like many professors and teachers around the world, will be conducting the remainder of the 2020 spring semester online. Dr. Wang is a professor of business and economics at Juniata College, who offers courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, in addition to acting as Kdan’s VP of Global Marketing & Strategy. Follow along to see how building an effective online classroom using 3 tools has helped Dr. Wang. 

“You can’t just stop learning and teaching!”

“I want to introduce some tools you can use to facilitate online learning,” he explains. “I know that the past few weeks, everyone has been rushing to this virtual world and has been trying to learn the best online tools.” He compiled a video lecture where he shares some of the best practices he found for creating an effective online classroom experience. Check out the full video! Continue reading “Building an Effective Online Classroom Using 3 Tools”