5 Simple Instagram Followers Tips To Grow Your Audience

Get more Instagram followers in 2021 with these 5 effective but simple tips.

It’s a very exciting time, as most states are beginning to open up just in time for summer. For myself, summer is the time of year where I am most inspired to create, whether it’s capturing photos of gorgeous beach sunsets, baseball games, or the scenes of my neighborhood. Being able to share these posts to not only my friends and family but also to many of my followers who keep up with my content is such a great way to engage and connect with people all over the world. It’s also the time of year where I find myself most active on social media and try to boost my posts more than usual. ­Especially as a store or business on social media, summer is the best time to grow your page to reach a wider audience because this is the time when most people are out of the house looking to explore new things.

Using simple tips like experience sharing, authenticity, and trending hashtags are effective ways to reach your target audience for your business or personal brand. Reading about these tools will have you on your way to creating a real influence on social media. Also, reading about the best Instagram growth services will lead your business to creating a real influence on social media.


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Creative In All Capacities: A Conversation With @TheWolves.art

 We hosted the Ramen Challenge last December, and it ended up creating more opportunities to connect with our users than we expected! We issued the Challenge to Kdan users everywhere to create their best tasting (and most unique) recipe using ramen noodles and record them on NoteLedge. After narrowing down the competition, our team decided on a winner, @thewolves.art. After sending her Ramen noodles from Nona Lim, Allergy Orchard, and a year-long membership to Creativity 365, she offered to take things to the next level and collaborate on a campaign for our Animation Desk users. In honor of her account reaching 70,000 followers, we hosted the #DTIYS70K (Draw This In Your Style) Campaign. Her followers and our users came together to recreate one of her Animation Desk-inspired drawings. With such creativity and artistic talent, we had a few questions to ask about her work and creative process!

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