The Future of Work is Mobile – Here’s Why

During the post-pandemic phase, companies need to reconsider their working form, relatively, recruitment problem. May remote work becomes the new norm or not? Must we embrace a mobile mindset? Read more to find your answer.

As many countries have entered the post-pandemic phase, in theory, it should be easier for businesses to recruit and retain employees. However, in reality, companies are facing strong resistance to returning to offices and having a hard time recruiting new employees. 

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The Evolving Mobile World: MWCA 2018 Recap

Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA) 2018: Imagine a Better Future delivered on its theme. It’s been more than a week since the event and my mind is still lost in the capabilities the future holds. One thing is clear; mobile is a fundamental part of everyone’s life and its presence will continuously grow and evolve to bring us a better tomorrow.

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