Animation Desk User Story: Passion Finds Time In A Busy Student’s Life

“Being a busy high school student, I don’t have much time for a traditional part-time job… I draw in my spare time, so I figured why not turn it into a little side job?”

As iAniMagic 2017 continues we’d like to bring you a little inspiration in the form of a user story. In this edition of User Story, meet Sydney Rose, an artistically talented student who hopes to become an animator one day. Sydney uses Animation Desk to add a little spice to her drawings. Interviewing her reminded us of why we aspire to help animators by making Animation Desk the best animation app. Inspiration awaits you. Read on. Continue reading “Animation Desk User Story: Passion Finds Time In A Busy Student’s Life”

Transform Your Life with Time Management

“If only there were more hours in a day,” my friend sighed in yearning.

We have all been here, physically and mentally exhausted by the sheer amount of things we need to do. If only there were robots capable of transforming the information in our brains into organized, precise, time efficient actions. Lucky for us, we already have one if not multiple ‘robots’ capable of transforming into time management superstars, our smart devices. Following are some tips to help you accomplish this. Continue reading “Transform Your Life with Time Management”