The Future of Work is Mobile – Here’s Why

During the post-pandemic phase, companies need to reconsider their working form, relatively, recruitment problem. May remote work becomes the new norm or not? Must we embrace a mobile mindset? Read more to find your answer.

As many countries have entered the post-pandemic phase, in theory, it should be easier for businesses to recruit and retain employees. However, in reality, companies are facing strong resistance to returning to offices and having a hard time recruiting new employees. 

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BYOD – The Secret to Building a Superior Learning Environment in Your School

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a movement that’s been gaining momentum in office workspaces for a number of years now. But schools have been slow to adopt it so far, possibly because school administrators don’t have a clear idea of what BYOD can do for them.

In a nutshell, BYOD takes the precepts of telecommuting (working at home on your own device) and applies them to the office space. You bring your own device; the company -or school- saves thousands on IT expenses.

Oh, and you get to break your previous record on Candy Crush while setting next year’s KPI targets.

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3 BYOD Hacks For More Productive Meetings

They say that there are two things in life you can’t escape from death and taxes. To this, I would add meetings, that oft-pilloried institution ubiquitous in every business large or small. The vast majority of meetings have become synonymous with inefficiency, boredom, and endless discussions leading nowhere. We dread attending them. Yet for all the time and resources they waste, meetings remain an inescapable part of business culture.

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