Creative In All Capacities: A Conversation With

 We hosted the Ramen Challenge last December, and it ended up creating more opportunities to connect with our users than we expected! We issued the Challenge to Kdan users everywhere to create their best tasting (and most unique) recipe using ramen noodles and record them on NoteLedge. After narrowing down the competition, our team decided on a winner, After sending her Ramen noodles from Nona Lim, Allergy Orchard, and a year-long membership to Creativity 365, she offered to take things to the next level and collaborate on a campaign for our Animation Desk users. In honor of her account reaching 70,000 followers, we hosted the #DTIYS70K (Draw This In Your Style) Campaign. Her followers and our users came together to recreate one of her Animation Desk-inspired drawings. With such creativity and artistic talent, we had a few questions to ask about her work and creative process!

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Don’t Be Intimidated: Beginners can express their creativity

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With an app like Animation Desk, there are so many ways to express your creativity. While this brings up so many opportunities to explore your creative ideas, it can be overwhelming for people that are new to animating. Whether you are improving your art and want to get the most out of your animations, or are brand new and want to express your creativity to the fullest, here are some tips you can use for Animation Desk: Continue reading “Don’t Be Intimidated: Beginners can express their creativity”

Take It Easy Award Winners

Alright Kdanimators, the Take It Easy animation challenge is finally over!

Time to stop slaving away on your animations and finally take it easy for real (pun most intended). We know it’s been a long, tough ride for many of you as you squeezed out your 6-second magnum opus, but we hope that Animation Desk made the messy creative process smoother, and easier for you.
That is in fact, why we created the app in the first place! Because we’re creative too, and we understand just how difficult it can be to create something absolutely stunning – on time.

So from one creative to another, we at Kdan Mobile would just like to say…

Thank you. You are the reason we’ll continue to Create, Mash and Inspire.

Now before you get all teary-eyed, it’s time to kick back, relax, and read on as we unveil the Take It Easy Judge Award and Audience Award winners.
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iAniMagic 2017 Winner Announcement!

Today is the day many of you have been waiting for! We are finally announcing the winner of iAniMagic 2017! A big thank you goes to you all who participated! We have received nearly 300 entries on AniZone and the competition was fierce! Besides winning the prizes and recognition, this year’s winning animations will be also played at the Fu Zheng Animation & Story Gallery in Taiwan!

iAniMagic Poster

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