Start the New School Year with Markup: a User Story

From remote learning to summer relaxation, students in 2020 are experiencing big changes. For those looking for digital solutions to make the transition into your new school year easier, you’re not alone! We chatted with Krista, who shared how to start the new school year with Markup

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Could you tell us about who you are and what you do?

Hello! My name is Krista Chen, and I will be pursuing an Advertising degree at the Pennsylvania State University. My interests lie in all things media — from TikTok and Netflix to tech innovation and journalism. I love learning and sharing about it! Additionally, I’m a big crime show binger and an avid hip-hop fan. Currently, I am a marketing intern for Kdan Mobile.

Starting a new school year can be tough for many students, especially those going through big transitions; do you have any personal tips for student productivity?

Throughout my education, I have always extensively used agenda books and practiced the habit of writing down everything. This helps me keep track of my workload and course content easily. In reading-heavy courses, I really like to annotate passages and quotes that are important; this makes future studying a piece of cake and boosts my memory! Additionally, I actively hunt for new productivity solutions and services by watching productivity-geared YouTube videos. 

Have you ever heard of or used any annotation and collaboration services like Markup before? 

Yes! I have been on the hunt for a simple annotation app like Markup for a long time. Before I found Markup, there wasn’t one specific app that blew me away — some apps feature outdated UI and designs that didn’t impress, while others didn’t include the full range of creative functions that I was looking for. In contrast, Markup is the perfect app featuring a minimalistic interface that is easy on the eyes and a comprehensive toolkit; it packs a practical punch for users of all types. 

How has Markup benefited your school work?

Markup’s accessibility has really benefited my productivity. I also really love the in-app web browser as well as the convenient Chrome extension; web highlights and annotations can be quickly and easily synced to all of my devices. This proves extremely useful when gathering articles and web pages for research-based courses. Personally, I tend to get exasperated when reading through large blocks of text online, but being able to mark up the text directly in my browser has helped a lot in my comprehension. 

Since I can access both the app and the web version, I am able to read and annotate an article on my computer, then pick up exactly where I left off on the same article and markups on my phone. This makes it easier for me to have continuity with my studying, from class to the campus bus to my dorm. 

What are your favorite features in Markup?

One of my favorite features is definitely the in-app “Explore” tab. It makes browsing and highlighting articles and saving to the cloud extremely streamlined, and the quick sync function conveniently gets rid of the hassle of trying to view the same articles and edits on different devices. 

I also find the note links feature very useful to connect my notes and make them easier for me to read. It allows you to put a link anywhere on a document — on a picture, block of text, or even a whole page. I use this function to link certain paragraphs or sentences to different parts of the same document. This makes it super easy to link relevant information together, especially when studying or reading large documents. 

From your perspective, how do you anticipate Markup enhancing your education?

As I transition into a new school year and college, I can see Markup helping me get organized. It can aid in compiling resources and information, which is important when studying for exams as well. The possibilities are endless with Markup, and I look forward to starting the new school year with help from its all-encompassing annotation toolkit! 

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