Build a Stunning Spring Color Palette to Elevate Your Creative Projects

Spring is coming! It’s a perfect time to get creative and share your story of this season! Get started by creating seasonal color palettes and outlining projects in Animation Desk and NoteLedge!

The trending colors in 2022

Spring 2023 is bringing a fresh new outlook with its lively and vibrant color palette. From bold and dark red and indigo to lighter yellows, this year’s spring colors offer a wide range of options for fashion enthusiasts. Whether you prefer a soft and delicate shade or a bold and statement-making hue, you’re sure to find the perfect color choices to suit your style!

Get started by creating seasonal color palettes and outlining projects in Animation Desk and NoteLedge!

Spring is a time for color: light blues, golden brown, warm yellows, soft pinks, pastel greens. These warm undertone spring season colors often resemble flowers in a garden or sunshine on a bright day.

According to seasonal color analysis, spring symbolizes growth and trying something new, much like how a garden grows with sunshine and care. It’s a perfect time to get creative by telling a story through animation or starting a mood board for a creative project. For instance, you could plan your makeup colors inspired by the beautiful color scheme, or animate bees flying around in a garden.

Get started by creating seasonal color palettes and outlining projects in Animation Desk and NoteLedge!

2023 Color Analysis from the Industry

According to the leading brands and color institutions in the industry, the colors they selected for 2023 feature natural coloring with a sense of strength, balance, and hope. 


Pantone – Viva Magenta

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023 Viva Magenta (18-1750) highlights strength, bravery, and fearlessness. It is a bold and vibrant shade of pink that represents energy, excitement, and youthfulness. It is a way to express individuality and creativity. Viva Magenta is a popular choice for graphic designers and marketers due to its ability to capture attention and evoke strong emotions. Whether it’s used as an accent color or as the main focus of a design, Viva Magenta adds a playful and energetic touch to any project.

Etsy – Indigo & Honeycomb

Etsy revealed its first-ever dual colors of the year, Indigo & Honeycomb. According to Etsy, duality as a theme focuses on accepting contrast and examining opposites, which influenced the decision to have two official Etsy Colors of the Year. This pairing of brighter and darker shades enhances each shade’s individual brilliance. Indigo, a combination of blue and violet, symbolizes wisdom and intuition while exuding a futuristic and powerful energy. On the other hand, the honeycomb’s brightness and warm tone remind us to cherish and safeguard the natural intelligence that surrounds us.

JAFCA – Luminous Yellow

JAFCA has chosen a warm and soft yellow color, “Luminous Yellow,” (#faf7a1) as its color for 2023. It is a gentle and peaceful color that evokes hope. Despite being a soft color, it has the ability to comfort even the toughest and most anxious hearts in a gentle way, bringing clarity to the mind. Diversity, comfort, healing, and connection are some of the keywords that define “Luminous Yellow” for JAFCA.

2022 Color Analysis from the Industry

According to the leading brands and color institutions in the industry, the colors they selected for 2022 feature natural coloring with a sense of positivity, warmth, and harmony that reflect the growth and the new merge of the digital and physical world in the post-pandemic landscape.

2022 Spring Trending Color

Pantone – Very Peri

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2022: Very Peri highlights possibility. This warm, uplifting color represents optimism, warmth, and growth. When asked to describe Veri Peri, the Pantone writer exclaims that the color works its magic by “blending the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red, this happiest and warmest of all the blue hues introduces an empowering mix of newness.

Etsy – Emerald Green

According to Etsy, 2022 is about finding balance in all aspects of life. They selected “Emerald green” as the color of the year as it symbolizes harmony and growth. In their research, Etsy has seen customers’ search trends increase for “emerald green” because this shade can easily create a balance of color with other natural colors.

WGSN from Colorlo – Orchid Flower

The color of the year that WGSN and Colorlo selected is the Orchid Flower. As they describe, the intense and energizing quality of the Orchid Flower creates a sense of positivity and stands out in all areas of life.

What Colors Are In A Spring Palette? 

True Spring

True Springs offer up a perfect blend of warm and bright colors with their styles often featuring golden tones and honey hue with pink undertones. This color scheme reminds us of sunny beach days on a tropical island. There’s a variety of color options to choose from like light green, yellow, peachy orange, or light brown. When pairing pieces for your outfit, you’ll want to avoid cool, earthy, and muted colors though, as this palette is in complete contrast to autumn.

Warm Spring

Warm Spring falls between spring and autumn, so these colors feature warm tones that are lively and cheerful with earthy tones. Warm spring color palette reflects the traits of the warm season in personality and spirit with colors such as bright orange, pink, warm green, dark brown, or medium brown with golden undertones. The warm colors and orange colors are more natural compared to other types of spring colors. Talk about one way to connect with the world around you!

Bright Spring

For Bright Spring, the primary colors are vibrant and warm, settling us into a period between winter and spring. It’s warmer than a winter color palette, yet cooler than true spring colors with the brightest shades compared to the other types of spring colors. Bright Spring features radiant, lively, cheerful, and flattering colors, creating contrast as the range of colors varies from yellow, coral, violet, or dark green. With these qualities, you’re sure to make an impression with your outfit.

Light Spring

Lastly, Light Spring is midway between spring and summer that features light colors with bright shades and peachy undertones. Light, welcoming, gentle colors like candies or macaroons best represent light springs. The colors are more gentle compared to other spring colors, with low contrast such as baby blue, peach, mint, light yellow, or light brown. Use your gentle nature to your advantage as you find colors that complement you and calm those you love.

Generate a Spring Color Palette in Seconds with NoteLedge and Animation Desk

To make it super easy to create and draw with stunning colors, we have a built-in color generator in NoteLedge and Animation Desk that allows you to capture colors from an image and create a beautiful color palette in seconds.

Simply import an image into the color generator, and you can get color inspiration and select the colors you want to include in this themed color palette. Or you can also build custom color palettes with the color wheel.

Animation Desk

For example, you can work this tool’s magic to:

  • Create a trending color palette by importing an image from Pantone Color
  • Find inspiration from nature by adding an image of a spring garden or green leaves and extracting the colors from the image to start your design with natural coloring
  • Capture colors from an artwork, illustration, or painting that inspires you and make a piece that inspires you just as much
  • Develop characters and their style with vivid themed colors by extracting colors from cute patterns or elements like candies, flowers, juicy fruits, animals, or sunburst patterns

Now that you’ve got the gist of popular spring colors, you may better get inspiration and make the best use of the seasonal color palette in your creative projects.

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Bring the Spring Color Palette into Your Creative Projects 

Now that you’ve got the gist of popular spring colors, you may better get inspiration and make the best use of the seasonal color palette in your creative projects.

Make Fashion Mood Boards and Sketches

In the fashion industry, it is essential for fashion designers, influencers, or Etsy vendors to create a wardrobe guide to showcase their creative ideas. That’s how they got found by different influencer search tools most of the time. Identifying a color palette helps define the visual assets and find color balance for your project.

By creating a mood board with NoteLedge, it is easy to choose from the array of colors and test the variation of shades. For personal outfit planning, you can do a personal color analysis to find preferable colors and experiment with different looks to match eye colors, skin colors, jewel tones, and hair colors.


Color Palette for Animation Character Design

Color expresses the personality and traits of your characters and brings emotion, shape, and personality to cartoon characters. Pastel color palettes give a soft and dreamy atmosphere.

Ocean color palettes with blues and beiges indicate tranquility and peace. Earthy color palettes with greens and browns represent nature and renewal.

To enhance your stories, set up color palettes for each character in the Animation Desk. Mix and match the colors to enhance your stories! Find an image from your favorite cartoons, import images to the app, and generate a color palette. Learn from these references and polish your color-matching skills.

Start Exploring Your Spring Colors and Get Creative 

As we spring into Spring, you can get started by trying the color palette generator when you work on animation, mood board, or sketching creations with your wild imagination. Our color palette generation is available on NoteLedge and Animation Desk on iPad and Windows. Download the apps and try them out!

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