Productivity Tips From Kdan’s Managers

Kdan's managers

Imagine how great you feel when you clear your inbox, hit that last submit button, or cross off the final task of the day. What if you could get that satisfaction every day? Staying productive can be difficult, but trying new methods and figuring out what works best can help you (and your team) find a rhythm and maximize performance. 

We are always encouraging our teams to try different strategies to help us be more productive here at Kdan. We’ve collected tips from our managers to see what makes them most productive!

1. How do you maximize your daily output?

  • “The first thing I do every morning is organize tasks with a to-do list, clear my mind of all other problems and stresses, and actively control what work is in front of me.”
  • “I like to see if there are any widgets or tools that can speed up my office routine. This includes keeping a clean and organized desk, having water and snacks available so that I can stay focused for long periods of time, and strategically using bathroom breaks so that I can break up my work in an efficient way.”
  • “Throughout the day, I like to write down exactly what I accomplished and how long it took. That way I can use this look-back timesheet every day to examine the most time-consuming tasks, and in what ways I can improve it for the next day.”
  • “I always make sure to manage my instant messages. I like to set it so they give me a small notification so it is not too distracting. You never want to let messages interrupt the job or upset your working rhythm.”

2. How do you prioritize your work to stay productive all week?

  • “I make sure to prioritize my work from most urgent to least. Urgent product issues always are the highest priority, which is why I allow myself so much time to do everything required for these tasks.”
  • “Besides urgent issues, the tasks that need to collaborate with cross-functional members should have precedence over routine stuff. This is because I want to allow others time to give input and feedback without constricting them with time restraints.”
  • “I check the progress with the team at the beginning of the week and set a weekly goal to boost the team.”

3. When traveling, what tools do you use to stay productive on the go?

  • “Since I am dealing with technology everyday, I want to make sure that I am using the best tools possible. Taking notes and being able to organize my ideas is a crucial part of my day. I use NoteLedge to gather my information to put it together onto one page so that I can easily communicate to the rest of my team members.”
  • “With all of the remote work that I do, I am constantly working with PDF documents and sending contracts back and forth for signatures. Being able to manage these documents without dealing with physical paper is a necessity. I use PDF Reader to edit and manage all of my PDF’s, and I use DottedSign to create, sign,and send out contracts.”

4. What do you do outside of work that helps you be more productive?

  • “Make sure to rest your mind when you get off work. You can read a book or watch a movie to keep from thinking about work. Take some sort of break every week to help reboot your brain.”
  • “Reading the newspaper, checking websites, and following current events is a great way to catch up on tech trends and connect with the world.”
  • “I make sure to exercise at least three times a week. It not only makes me feel healthier, but it keeps my mind clear and my thoughts in order.”

5. Any other productivity tips?

  • “Always remember to write things down. You can think through complicated issues by writing them down. Seeing my ideas on paper has always seemed to optimize the decisions I’ve made.”
  • “Work smart; don’t just work hard. When facing something that needs to take a lot of time to achieve, I would rather spend some time to plan things out and see if there are any alternative methods or tools that can solve the problem.”

If you (and your team) want to operate at peak capacity, you’ll want to work smarter, not harder. If you’re looking for ideas to maximize your productivity, give some of these tips a try! If you have any other tips  that help you perform at your best, leave a comment below!