PDF Markup User Story- Val Sigler – Working without Boundaries

I have been using Kdan’s PDF series for a while and have loved them. Especially now with new features and Kdan Cloud package, I am glad that they are all in one! Very nice!

Mobility has evolved as a key feature of the modern working lifestyle, and the use of mobile devices for work brings a whole new level of flexibility and convenience. This edition of User Story features a long time user of Kdan’s PDF series, Val Sigler, who has shared with us how PDF Markup has improved his professional life.

Val Sigler, an IT manager of a credit union has been using our PDF app series for many years. “I have been using your PDF app for a few years back in the Connoisseur days and now the PDF Markup online…. I use it for work and personal.”

Picture of Val Sigler

“I love being able to take a PDF file with me wherever I go and being able to work on it while in hotel rooms or at home on the couch.” Having access to his documents regardless of where he is gives Val great flexibility; he is able to respond to any issues and make decisions quickly while he is away, which naturally increases his productivity. Val adds, “80% of my documents are in the PDF format. I can highlight sections on PDF Markup and view the mark ups anytime.” When the files are in other formats, he uses the in-app converter. “PDF Markup helps me to take work with me when I am not in the office. It really does make life better!”

When it comes to using Cloud service, many have concerns about the security of the platform. As an IT expert himself, not only does Val have trust in the network security of Kdan Cloud, he also really appreciates the range of features the app offers. As long as he is logged into his Kdan account, his documents are synced and he can access them on any devices. “I use my iPad mini to view and edit PDF files on the move and then access these files from desktop computer.

Working EnvironmentVal’s favourite app features is the reading function, which he uses on the regularly basis. “But if I have a large document, I can have it read to me while attending other matters. It is just like listening to an audible book!” The TTS (Text-To-Speech) function on PDF Markup is extremely useful for those who want to multitask.

Val’s Working Environment

Besides being a fan of PDF Markup, Val also subscribed to the All Access Pack. The online converter and fax service are his favourite expanded services. Not only does he uses the Kdan services for work, he also finds himself benefiting from them in his leisure life. He explains, “It is funny the things I use PDF Markup for. For example, I just got the baseball schedule, so I have put it to the Cloud and will convert the file to PDF for the team since not everyone has the newest Excel. As for the fax service, although faxing isn’t used as much as before, the function is still needed a lot in the financial arena. Fax makes it easy to send information to where I need to!”

Val shares with us what he looks for in general when using apps. “I always like learning and trying new things to make my life better… I particularly like having the option that I can tweak and do the thing my way.” It is very important for him to have a certain level of freedom when it comes to how he uses the app, so that he is not confined to the only way the programmers have designed it. Val believes that PDF Markup really hit it out of the park in the flexibility aspect. “I think you have a great app and you designed it a certain way, but it is open enough that I am sure a lot of users use it for what works for them and that is me!”

Thank you very much, Val, for participating in our User Story project! We are delighted to hear that our products are really having an impact on the lives of our users!

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