Go Green: Essential Tools for a Paperless Learning Process

Tools for learning paperless

Millions of sheets of paper are used for educational purposes each year. Likewise, millions of notes, handouts, and exams are created for students to learn better. Undoubtedly, education plays a vital role in teaching learners about sustainability. However, knowing how we can do better for the environment “on paper” might not be sustainable enough in terms of environmental and social sustainability. Building a paperless classroom or learning environment is worth the investment.

The team at TeachThought states that “the idea [paperless classroom] promotes not just a reduction of paper and other physical resources, but a more efficient workflow, quicker communication, improved access to learning materials, seamless digital portfolios, and more naturally connected student-teacher-student networks.” We have gathered a set of Kdan Mobile’s professional digital tools that put you at the forefront of the paperless movement.

Read on to learn more about how you can bring greater efficiency and convenience while decreasing your carbon footprint.

PDF Reader: Say Goodbye to Printed Handouts

​​Less paper means more PDFs. These types of file formats create a secure, efficient medium for sharing the content contained within the electronic documents, but the PDF can also create challenges. So despite your green ambitions, you’ll print out hard copies of PDFs without software that provides advanced annotation tools and form-filling options.

Kdan Mobile’s PDF Reader is the right tool for the job. PDF Reader has a comprehensive set of PDF editing tools categorized into 6 main sections, including Annotation, Edit, Page Edit, Convert, Security, and More Actions. On your Windows PC or Mac, you can edit PDFs, add comments and highlights, or attach images to make detailed notes.

You can even convert your PDF files to various formats such as Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), text (TXT, RTF), HTML, E-book(ePub, AZW3, MOBI), and image (PNG) to store them on your laptop, smartphone or cloud storage. So, you will never misplace your files!

Learn more about how can PDF Reader manage your class materials.

See! There is really no need to print out your handouts or papers. Using Kdan PDF Reader to manage your classroom materials can cut down on paper usage and save time and money on printing out class materials and documents.

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Inspod: Streamline Your Digital Learning Process

Sustainability can not only be implemented in classrooms, as itt can also be practiced in personal learning scenarios. There is a growing population of digital learners that depend on YouTube videos and podcasts to absorb the latest news, information, and knowledge. People start to compare reading vs. listening as a method to learn new skills or consume information. Therefore, we must ask: how can we turn YouTube and podcasts into sustainable learning methods? We can answer this crucial question with digital tools for teaching and learning,

Podcasts and YouTube videos indeed contain many valuable and educational resources, but it can be hard to highlight or note down important parts when you are in the middle of multitasking. In addition, you often spend extra time going back and forth to replay the media and write down your notes in different places. Often, it’s hard to recall your notes with original clips.

If you manage to make it through all of these inconveniences while viewing media to learn, Inspod might be your perfect solution! Inspod is a note-taking app for YouTube and podcast lovers to capture inspiration or useful information while streaming podcast episodes or YouTube videos.

With Inspod, you can streamline your podcast/YouTube learning experience into 3 steps:

1. Take Notes Quickly: As you stream through a podcast episode, you have the flexibility to mark timestamps or add notes for key moments of the episode for the later recap. Tap to create key points and add notes, quotes, and other important details.

2. Recall Original Clips with Notes Easily: Can’t remember that inspiring quote you heard this morning from that podcast you love? You can jump back to the corresponding moment in the episode by clicking on timestamps. Inspod connects your notes with the original clips, which is convenient for you to reference later. This option is the benefit that written notes or digital ones can’t offer.

3. Manage and Review Notes Efficiently and Effectively: After you finish the episode, you can save and organize your notes by adding a topic tag, making it easy to review on the web or in-app later.

In this way, you can store all of your scattered notes and find knowledge nuggets that you acquired from podcasts and YouTube in the app without using paper. You don’t have to be afraid to miss the important details.

Photo caption: Inspod notes in web view

With Inspod, knowledge on streaming media will be better organized and digested in maximized efficiency without using paper!

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NoteLedge: Notebook & Sketchbook All in One

If you are a design student who frequently sketches to express your ideas or a learner who prefers to handwrite your notes to follow your thoughts as you write and reinforce your memory, then NoteLedge could be the best note-taking option for you. 

Handwritten notes are indeed an excellent way to enhance your memory, but the process of writing things out can, in fact, consume many papers and plastic stationeries. This approach can also become a financial burden for students, especially design students who might already have to spend a lot on art supplies and materials.

That’s where NoteLedge comes in, functioning as your digital notebook, whether you’re a designer, content creator, or artist, you have the capability to capture inspiration, organize ideas in one place, and start sketching to streamline the creative process. This digital notebook comes with a complete set of brushes designed for creators.

The platform fully supports Apple Pencil, Wacom, and Adonit stylus to make sketching and writing easy with your digital devices. In addition, NoteLedge provides tools like color palettes, a web clipper, and multimedia support to help you organize content and get creative.

Whether you want to write, draw or sketch, NoteLedge always has the right tools. The app is the perfect place for you to start sketching while having easy access to your reference images or videos right in the same notebook. 

With NoteLedge, you don’t have to completely get rid of your love for handwriting and drawing on paper. For example, if you start using a digital notebook like NoteLedge for certain subjects or habits, you may not have to go to the craft or custom stationery store as often as you used to.

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Go Paperless with Kdan Mobile

Go green for the sake of the environment and your learning sustainability! Reducing paper consumption is good for the environment., and environmentally-friendly tools also lead to a more sustainable and efficient way of learning and living.

So be sure to give PDF Reader, Inspod, and NoteLedge a try. You won’t be disappointed!