Meet the New “Storyboard” Feature on Animation Desk

Animation Desk is launching the brand new Storyboard function this month, which offers another dimension to the app’s existing feature and a new user interface (UI). Marking the beginning of a new era for Animation Desk, the Storyboard function  brings a new way for animators to construct their animations and to organize their frames


As many of you fellow Animation Desk users would know, in the previous version of Animation Desk you can access your work under the “Project” tab located on the top right of the main interface. In the latest version, we have replaced that with “Sequence”, and added a new “Storyboard” tab for better work management. Inside the Storyboard, you can view your collection of sequences that forms your animation.

Aniamtion Desk Cloud New Storyboard

Under this new animation construction framework you can easily make changes to particular sequences, rearrange them and export them to different storyboards.This gives you more flexibility in managing and organizing your animations.
Aniamtion Desk Cloud New Storyboard 02

By tapping into each storyboard, you will get an overview of the sequences that form your animation. An animation is constructed by stringing together many sets of sequences. This type of animation construction framework is commonly used in the professional animation and filmmaking world for creating animated videos and commercials. You may want to consider adopting this framework your daily practice.


With this new structure, you can easily rearrange the order of the sequences, duplicate them, and export them to a different storyboard. You can better manage more complex work.


To help you easily navigate through your work and find desired frames easily, you can play each sequence in the main overview page, as well as use the horizontal sliders to skip to the exact frame you want. Under each sequence, a description can be added to quickly summarize the content of that sequence or use the space for scriptwriting.

Animation Desk New Storyboard 04

Learn more about the “Storyboard” in this tutorial.

The Storyboard function will be available for free in the updated Animation Desk. To fully benefit from this new update, subscribe to Creativity 365 or Animation Desk Pro to have an unlimited number of storyboards. Subscribers will receive a complimentary Adonit Dash 2 stylus when they sign up for the Creativity 365 annual plan.

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At Kdan Mobile, we are constantly reviewing and re-evaluating our products with the aim of delivering the most optimal and useful product to our dear users. The launch of the Storyboard function is a result of taking in all your suggestions and feedback. We hope that you will continue to share your precious option with us!

Featured image: tunechick83/ Pixabay

Animation sample: Kungfu Kid (龍拳小子) by 陈柏圳 Basil Chen