Kdan Mobile team at Meet Taipei 2018

From November 15-17, the Kdan Mobile team attended Meet Taipei 2018, an event where we got to interact with hundreds of different startup organizations.

Throughout the whole event, which was held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, our team was introduced to incredible people and their dreams, and enjoyed great food and live music as a bonus!

Ultimately our three favorite parts of Meet Taipei 2018 were the people, the passion, and the potential.

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The People

One of the best parts about attending any conference or event is that you get introduced to new people, and with that, learn new perspectives and make valuable connections.

The connections we made at an event for startups were on a whole new level because with every visitor to our booth or stop we made while touring the Expo. Center, we were introduced to new ideas, inventions, or processes for the first time. We saw everything from innovative ways to prepare pre-packaged meals to new technology that can make gene sequencing more efficient–and all of this creativity got us thinking about new ways we can continue to improve our own products and services.


The Passion

While we’re on the topic of the the connections we made, there’s really no better way to describe the crowd we met during the event than passionate. What other types of people could be involved with bringing such ingenuitive creations to life? The atmosphere at Meet Taipei was filled with highly-motivated individuals and teams, and this drive was contagious. After each meeting with an entrepreneur or other team member, we could feel our own professional fires being ignited–it was an inspiring environment.

The Potential

Our final major takeaway was getting a deeper understanding of what startups’ interests and needs are. We love the opportunity to explore new ways that we can potentially help startups along their journey. Whenever someone stopped at our booth, we’d make an effort to understand areas of frustration that startups face and try to come up with strategies for how we can help them overcome these hurdles.

It also gave us opportunities to look inward and reevaluate the productivity and creative tools that we offer and see how we can improve them to serve startups–and businesses in general–in a more complete way. We’re always grateful for any chance to validate or revalidate the needs of our users, and Meet Taipei 2018 was a very educational experience for us.


Special Opportunity for Startups

If you’re part of a startup or early-stage company, the Kdan Team is committed to helping however we can. One special option that we are happy to provide is Document 365 Startup –a special deal on our business solution, Document 365 Business, that we’re making available to qualifying startups. If you’d like to learn about Document 365 by starting a free 14-day trial, or learn about our other software solutions, visit our Creative Store today.

Author: Joey DiGangi III

Joey DiGangi is a global marketing specialist with Kdan Mobile, located in the US office in Pennsylvania. He graduated in May 2018 from Juniata College with a degree in marketing management and a minor in communication.