KDAN’s New Brand Chapter: Collaborating with IF OFFICE Team to Create a Fresh Brand Identity

KDAN's New Brand Chapter: Collaborating with IF Office Team to Create a Fresh Brand Identity

In 2024, KDAN emerges with a new slogan, “Driving Digital Innovation for the Future,” and a revitalized look. Our first brand story unveiled KDAN’s new brand vision, mission, and slogan, marking our evolution from a “leader in mobile work solutions” to a “global leader in digital enablement.” 

But our brand transformation continues beyond there. The visual impression of KDAN held by both our partners and users is a crucial aspect for us. Following the restructuring, we are excited to introduce the collaboration with the IF OFFICE team that led to our new brand identity!

Reflecting on the Brand Logo Milestones: Embarking on a New Journey

KDAN’s story began with a remarkable entrance into the market in 2009, as the world embraced the revolutionary iPhone 3. We established ourselves as a pioneer in “utility software” and “mobile work software services,” offering a diverse range of standalone apps that empowered users to leverage a multitude of software functionalities on their mobile devices. To reflect this aspiration for growth and positive change, our initial brand logo depicted a vibrant blue butterfly. It symbolized KDAN’s desire to transform and take flight in the digital age, creating a ripple effect that would impact the world.

However, the market landscape is ever-evolving. In 2015, we embarked on our first brand identity transformation, strategically realigning our focus on productivity products and services. This strategic shift was reflected in a thoughtful logo redesign.

The core butterfly motif remained, but it was cleverly constructed from tangram pieces. This design choice symbolized the limitless creative potential unlocked by even the most basic geometric elements, mirroring the boundless possibilities our products empowered users to achieve. The color palette was also updated to a fresh and inspiring green theme. The vibrant turquoise hue embodied the spirit of creativity and inspiration, while the invigorating lime green symbolized the growth potential we aspired to unlock within our users.

Now, in 2024, KDAN stands at the precipice of another exciting transformation. The burgeoning AI market and evolving needs of enterprises have prompted us to redefine our core strengths. We’re firmly committed to four key areas: artificial intelligence, automated digital workflow, data-driven solutions, and modular integration. By focusing on these strengths, we aim to deliver flexible and customizable solutions that cater to the specific needs of each business. We’ve meticulously reimagined and refined our brand identity to ensure it communicates KDAN’s future direction. In the following sections, we’ll further elaborate on the details of this exciting transformation.

Refining the Brand Logo: Upholding the Pursuit of the Golden Ratio

As part of KDAN’s brand refresh, we partnered with IF OFFICE founder Feng Yu and his team to create a fresh visual identity. Through collaborative discussions and focused sessions, we opted to retain the geometric shapes within our logo. This reflects KDAN’s commitment to providing a diverse spectrum of business opportunities for our users while maintaining the core image of a butterfly in flight. This motif symbolizes our ambition to use KDAN as a launchpad for global impact, creating a positive ripple effect through our innovative products and services.

Furthermore, we meticulously adjusted the spacing between the shapes to adhere to the golden ratio. This subtle yet impactful design choice represents KDAN’s unwavering pursuit of excellence in everything we do.

Presenting the New KDAN: Upholding Brand Promises A.I.R

KDAN's New Brand Chapter: Collaborating with IF Office Team to Create a Fresh Brand Identity

Our new brand logo seamlessly integrates geometric shapes with the three core values that define KDAN: Agility, Inclusion, and Reliability (A.I.R.).

Reliability: The Cornerstone of Trust

The prominent left triangle symbolizes our unwavering commitment to reliability. We strive to be the bedrock of trust for global enterprises and users navigating digital transformation. By harnessing the power of intelligence and data, we aim to deliver a consistently dependable service experience.

Agility: Adapting to Seize Opportunities

The right triangle within our logo symbolizes KDAN’s unwavering agility. Just as a triangle seamlessly integrates into diverse formations, we possess the adaptability to respond swiftly to market changes and evolving customer needs. This agility reflects our dynamic and growth-oriented culture, empowering businesses and users to navigate challenges efficiently and create enduring value.

Inclusion: Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

The circular shape at the base of our logo embodies the value of inclusion. It reflects KDAN’s commitment to fostering collaboration and diversity across all aspects of our business – from product development and application design to fostering a dynamic work environment.

Internally, we champion open communication, celebrate diverse perspectives, and support personal growth for all team members. This translates externally as well, as we strive to deliver comprehensive enterprise solutions that leverage innovative technology to enhance work and life experiences for everyone.

Conveying KDAN’s Reliable Brand Value with Rounded and Sturdy Typography

We have also updated KDAN’s logo typography in this brand identity overhaul. After careful deliberation with the IF OFFICE team, we chose the more rounded font Allumi. Using bold, uppercase letters with substantial, smooth rounded corners aims to convey the warmth and humanity that KDAN brings to enterprises and users, while also reflecting reliability, stability, and a futuristic technological feel.

Redefining KDAN: Becoming Four Essential Roles for Business Partners

In addition to redesigning our brand identity, we have redefined KDAN’s role for enterprises and users. “KDAN” will now represent the four essential roles needed for business growth: Keeper, Doer, Adventurer, and Navigator.


As a provider of digital workflow services, KDAN not only holds ISO/IEC 27001 certification but also strictly adheres to GDPR international security standards. As a trusted AWS partner, we are committed to being the “Keeper” for enterprises and users through reliable and trustworthy products and services, fulfilling our promise to protect user data and information security.


In today’s information age, KDAN thrives as a company of doers. We are constantly at the forefront, actively researching and identifying emerging market trends. We discover forward-looking market insights and implement them by designing products and services that best match market trends and user needs. This ensures that businesses have the best tools available in an era of abundant choices, thereby creating business value.


As the “Adventurer” for our corporate users, KDAN continuously innovates and perfects our products and services by experimenting with and integrating market trends like AI. Our goal is to provide users with the best possible service experience.


Finally, KDAN will serve as the “Navigator” for businesses and users. Our products and services will assist workers in managing extensive information processing needs, guiding them to thrive and grow together in a rapidly changing environment.

More KDAN Brand Stories Coming Soon…

Following the reveal of our new brand name, vision, mission, and focus on products and services, we’re excited to delve deeper into the KDAN brand transformation. This time, we’ll be exploring the all-new brand identity.

 Stay tuned to our next article as KDAN’s founder, Chairman, and CEO, Kenny Su offers insights on the company’s evolution. We’ll also invite Feng Yu, the founder of IF OFFICE, to share the unique perspective on the conceptualization process and the journey behind KDAN’s fresh look – both from an internal and external standpoint.

Stay tuned to our blog and LinkedIn for the latest updates and upcoming brand stories!