KDAN Brand New Chapter: Driving Digital Innovation for the Future

KDAN Brand New Chapter: Driving Digital Innovation for the Future

“Driving Digital Innovation for the Future” — In 2024, KDAN unveils a brand-new look.

You might know us as Kdan Mobile – the comprehensive mobile software provider who’s been all about boosting your productivity and creativity. We’ve been breaking down those time and space barriers for mobile work with our cross-platform content creation and productivity solutions.

But the world’s changing fast, and with the rise of AI and our insights into businesses’ needs to improve digital workflow, we’re evolving too. This year, we’re undergoing a complete brand restructuring, centered around AI-driven workflows and data solutions. It’s a new chapter for KDAN, with a brand new name, vision, mission, brand identity, and even a fresh website. We’re calling it Digital Enablement, and it will be a new era for KDAN.

Join us as we transform from a leader in mobile work solutions to a global leader in digital enablement. Read on to learn more about KDAN’s exciting new chapter!

A New Chapter: Reintroducing KDAN, Committed to Becoming a Global Leader in Digital Enablement

From 2019 to 2023, the global pandemic transformed the traditional work models of many businesses and employees, ushering in an era of remote and hybrid work. This shift increased demand for SaaS (Software as a Service) and digital workflow services. According to a 2022 McKinsey report, the global SaaS market is projected to reach a staggering $10 trillion by 2030. Additionally, the launch of ChatGPT in 2022 revolutionized daily life and work practices almost overnight, amassing over a million users in just five days and marking the dawn of the AI revolution.

We recognized that our offerings needed to evolve to meet the changing landscape. The post-pandemic world demanded more flexibility and agility. While staying true to our original mission of making life easier with digital solutions, we’ve taken things way further. 

We have expanded from offering cross-device document editing software to providing diverse digital workflow and document solutions. We’ve even integrated AI and data-driven solutions into the mix, creating revolutionary intelligent workflows and business data analysis solutions.

Leveraging our extensive experience in localizing operations in international markets, we have built robust capabilities in user acquisition and market operations. This enables us to support businesses in making more precise decisions with our data solutions. 

“Digital Enablement” is KDAN’s new mantra. We’re leveraging AI to help businesses streamline operations, become more agile, and optimize decision-making – all securely and efficiently. In other words, we’re helping them create real business value.

Introducing KDAN’s New Slogan: Driving Digital Innovation for the Future

“ To thrive in the long run, businesses need to be adaptable. They have to keep an eye on market trends and adjust their strategies accordingly. But there’s one thing even more important – a crystal-clear understanding of who they are and what they stand for. At KDAN, that’s been our guiding principle since day one: solving user problems.”  —— Kenny Su, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of KDAN

In 2009, our founder Kenny Su saw an opportunity in the app market. He founded Kdan Mobile, jumping on the wave early with “utility software” and “mobile work tools.” Following a lean start-up model, KDAN developed numerous utility and creativity apps, and it was within this context that KDAN PDF Reader, our flagship product, was born.

However, as more new developers and large companies entered the app development market, consumers began shifting towards free apps. We realized that our existing business model had reached its limits, prompting a strategic shift. We moved away from continuous app development to focus on productivity-related products and promoting our services in international markets.

By 2015, the market was saturated with similar products. Sticking solely to app development would have meant missing out on numerous market opportunities. That’s when we made a key shift: KDAN transitioned to a cloud-based subscription model (SaaS), offering cross-platform software to build a mobile workplace for individuals and businesses. 

Valuing user feedback and understanding the market demand for document services, we launched DottedSign in 2019, extending KDAN’s services from document applications to workflow solutions. 

But our journey did not stop there. In 2021, recognizing the potential of the B2B (Business-to-Business) market and various market trends, we shifted our focus from B2C (Business-to-Consumer) to B2B. We aimed not only to assist individual users through our products and services but also to support businesses in achieving digital transformation.

Today, with the expanding AI market and growing enterprise needs, we have decided to realign our direction, highlighting KDAN’s four core strengths: AI, automated digital workflow, data-driven solutions, and customizable modular integration. This adjustment allows us to offer more flexible and enterprise-friendly products, integrating innovative KDAN AI services. Against this backdrop, we have also updated our brand slogan to:

Driving Digital Innovation for the Future

Through this transformation, KDAN will lead our loyal users, newly acquainted users, and potential clients into the era of the digital revolution. With KDAN’s trusted services, we aim to help them achieve more business goals and create greater value.

Upholding Brand Promises, KDAN Redefines Brand Vision and Mission

Over the past few years, we have journeyed with our users through the inception, development, and peak of the digital era. As the digital age reaches new heights with the rise of AI, KDAN has decided to adjust its brand vision to align with market trends. Our core vision is to “empower businesses through digital enablement, enhancing agility, and maximizing business value.” We aim to continue steadfastly supporting our clients’ growth amidst ever-changing trends.

To achieve this vision, we have also revised our brand mission. We are committed to “providing innovative digital workflow and data solutions that enhance operational efficiency, empower decision-making, and drive business growth.” With this mission, we are proud to introduce KDAN AI and continue optimizing our flagship products and services — KDAN PDF Reader, KDAN Office, DottedSign, and the data-driven solution ADNEX. We strive to be the best partner for businesses, empowering them to ride the digital wave and create greater business value, fulfilling our vision of sustainable development.

Amidst these changes, KDAN remains unwavering in its commitments.

We uphold the three core brand promises represented by A.I.R. — Agility, Inclusion, and Reliability — as the foundation of our product and service offerings.


We build a culture of agility by adapting quickly to internal and external market changes.


We incorporate inclusion and diversity into all aspects of product development and implementation, ensuring that every user can enhance work efficiency through our innovative digital solutions.


We aim to be the most trustworthy and reliable partner for global businesses to facilitate digital transformation and drive business growth.

With these unchanging promises, we will continue to act as the best support for enterprises, swiftly adapting to market trends and customer needs. Through diverse, inclusive, and reliable products and services, we will lead our clients forward, together.

Introducing the New Look of KDAN – Stay Tuned…

In addition to our new brand name, vision, mission, and product and service focus, we are excited to announce that KDAN’s official website has been moved from “www.kdanmobile.com” to the new domain “www.kdan.com.” This change will be accompanied by a refreshed brand identity and website design. Visit our website to explore our new look and services.We will also be sharing more detailed stories about our brand and the design concepts behind our new identity in the future. Stay tuned to our blog and LinkedIn for the latest updates and insights!