The New Normal Is Enterprise Mobility and Digitalization

As we move forward into the new normal throughout 2022, Kdan strives to provide quality services and solutions for global enterprise mobility and digitalization. Looking back on the past year and getting ready for an exciting chapter ahead.

The New Normal Is Enterprise Mobility and Digitalization

In the past year, Enterprise Mobility and the Digital Transformation have become the New Normal. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, Kdan has been helping businesses stay afloat during tough times. As we continue to support worldwide businesses in the new age of tech, we are helping to build a “better normal” for today’s digital climate through flexible, technical solutions. Throughout 2022, we have been able to connect with more global business partners than before, and will continue to build international connections to build mobile workplaces for enterprises in 2023.

Good to See You, Again

After a long period of attending virtual conferences, a highlight for our Kdaners during 2022 was the ability to travel and attend in-person conferences and events. We were eager to see our partners’ smiling faces, catch up with them over a drink, and meet new friends and colleagues. Some of the excellent conferences we had the chance to attend included the “Together, Go Big” Taiwan-Japan Summit, the first “Taiwan Tech Summit” in California, and the 7th Annual “Singapore FinTech Festival.”

At the “Together, Go Big” Taiwan-Japan summit, our Kdaners met in Tokyo, Japan with local enterprises and government organizations dedicated to creating partnerships between Taiwan and Japan. We were able to form connections with Japanese stakeholders and network with startups for potential collaboration opportunities. By joining this summit, we were able to capitalize on the growth of our business through connecting with like-minded individuals on the topic of technological innovation, and brainstorming possibilities for the future.

On the other side of the world, our US members had the opportunity to attend the first annual Taiwan Tech Summit in San Francisco, California. During the summit, our team connected with Taiwanese startups, professionals, students, and stakeholders from across the Bay Area. Attending this summit allowed us to make our mark in the US market. Next year our US team will attend the CES event in Las Vegas to further network with potential partners, secure investments, and expand our audience in the West.

Credit: Taiwan Tech Summit

Aside from leaving footprints in Tokyo, Japan, and California, US, our Kdaners had the opportunity to travel to Singapore for the 7th Annual Singapore FinTech Festival. We were able to preview upcoming Fintech projects, hear high-level discussions from global thought leaders, and connect with forward-thinking professionals from international firms and startups. Attending this festival enabled our team to expand our global development vision, and recognize the business opportunities existing in the Southeast Asian market. 

Credit: Singapore Fintech Festival

Here to Keep You Inspired

Throughout the past year, we have maintained our drive to extend our core values: to always be creative and innovative. With our users unleashing their creativity in ways they never had before, we stepped up our game, too. With help from our global partners, we unlocked more innovative possibilities in our products.

In with the new. . .Inspod! In April, we were able to launch Inspod, our latest application, and the first knowledge management platform for podcast and YouTube. Inspod allows users to take notes directly with time stamps, increasing the amount of retained information, and inspired thoughts! Inspod has proven its worth in the eyes of our user base, and was nominated as a Google Play User’s Choice App of 2022! We are eager to see how the use of Inspod will grow in 2023 among creators and learners alike. 

Credit: Inspod Launch

Aside from Inspod, Animation Desk made leaps and bounds in the creative department, securing two strategic partnerships with parties across the globe. Disney animator and 2019 Annie Awards Winner, Sandro Cleuzo from São Paulo, Brazil, spoke to our audience on his journey as a professional illustrator and animator. His speech has brought AnimationDesk into the eyes of upcoming animators, artists, and students alike.

Additionally, Animation Desk secured a partnership with Small Town Animation Studios, a rising film and tv studio all the way from Georgia, USA. Kdan sponsored the studio’s attendance at a Pixar conference that was attended by Disney, Warner Bros., and the likes. By growing these international connections, Animation Desk has spread its user base across nations, ages, and professions, encouraging people to pursue their artistic passions. We aim to inspire all animators, from beginners to pros, to take time to create, and unleash their creativity.

DottedSign – Worldwide

In 2022, our e-signature solution, DottedSign continued to make waves! DottedSign was able to secure three global partner collaborations with Hancom Group, Microsoft Teams, and LINE WORKS.

In partnership with the South Korean software developer, the Hancom Group, we debuted our new e-sign software for the Korean market, HancomSign. Since the collaboration with Hancom on HancomSign, we have expanded  the presence of Kdan in the Korean market, establishing opportunities for future growth.

DottedSign further transformed Kdan globally through its first collaboration with giant Microsoft through its integration with Microsoft Teams. We will introduce integrations between DottedSign and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to support sales, service and marketing-related activities.

In addition, a recent collaboration with LINE WORKS and DottedSign has projected Kdan into the Japanese market. By integrating with DottedSign, users of LINE WORKS will be able to optimize documentation efficiency by allowing e-signature requests across the messaging platform. The collaboration takes DottedSign to new heights, while placing Kdan in the eyes of Japanese companies and agencies.  

Credit: Kdan Mobile Integrates DottedSign with LINE WORKS

As yet another achievement for our e-signature solution, DottedSign secured the rank as “High Performer” in G2’s 2022 Fall report for small businesses. DottedSign additionally received multiple high-ranked scores across categories including “Bulk Digital Signatures,” “Ease of Setup,” “Signature Workflow” and “Price,”and was titled as a “Momentum Leader” in the Momentum Grid® rank. The ranking by G2 positions DottedSign toward international tech focused audiences, and places Kdan on the radar for small business owners across the globe.

As a result of working with international partners in multiple markets, DottedSign has expanded our global reach as a company, and has increased our brand recognition worldwide.

Impacting the World for the Better 

With the support of our global partners, our solutions here at Kdan are able to reach every corner of the world. These partnerships empower us to reach a wider audience and develop innovative solutions.  

This year, one global partnership Kdan secured is the strategic investment in South Korean-based Toss Lab, Inc. This investment will fund an integration between Kdan’s digital tools with JANDI, Toss Lab’s flagship product and workplace productivity suite. With the SaaS giant sharing the same goal as Kdan in improving workplace efficiency through digital solutions, this collaboration is predicted to be a breakthrough in Asian and global SaaS ecosystems.

Credit: Strategic investment in Toss Lab, Inc.

We are also honored to have received recognition and support from international organizations in 2022. With their support, collaboration, and influence, they have enabled us to create a broader impact on industries across the globe.

It was a strong year for extending our outreach into the education market. In September, we were selected by HolonIQ as one of top 50 most influential EdTech platforms in Taiwan. HolonIQ is the world’s leading intelligence platform, and its recognition presented us with the opportunity to showcase our powerful digital tools to the world.  

Almost exactly a decade after our first feature on Business Next, we were honored this year to be named one of Taiwan’s top 10 promising startups. Business Next Media Group is Taiwan’s first monthly periodical dedicated to documenting the key developments that are shaping the future of technology. We are proud to have been featured on two cover stories for the journal during the 10 years of defining Taiwan’s startup business. We look forward to seeing the future of Taiwan startups in the next 10 years and will build it together with everyone who joins our journey.

As we grow as a company, Kdan will continue to strive toward enhancing creativity and productivity solutions that empower the individual and the enterprise to compete in an increasingly global arena.

2023, Get ready

Following the past few years of change and implementation to the New Normal, 2022 was no exception. In 2022, lives continued to be impacted by technology, and companies struggled to be nimble. With so much change occurring at lightning speed, it can be hard to keep up in the age of Digital Transformation and Enterprise Mobility.

Not to worry, we will never let you fall behind. Here at Kdan Mobile, we are tackling the latest challenge in tech, simplifying the complicated software, and preparing for the next big innovative solution. To provide the most innovative digital solutions in the most beautiful, user-friendly format, Kdan is always here and ready to assist you.

With a brighter future in sight, we are eager to reach greater heights, and whilst doing so, allow you to touch the stars. To 2023, and beyond. 

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