Kdan Mobile Releases Podcast/Video Note-taking Software For Improved E-learning

Want to take some note during Podcast or Youtube? You should try “Inspod”, an astonishing app that help digital learners engage with digital content and take notes more efficiently.


Kdan Mobile, Ltd., an international software as a service provider, released Inspod, its new software. Inspod is the first Podcast and YouTube note-taking software available that allows learners to listen to podcasts or watch videos on YouTube. Kdan’s goal is to help digital learners engage with digital content and take notes more efficiently. The software made its debut on the Google Play Store with an expected release to Apple’s App Store this year.

“Inspod is intended to be a learning community for users to share their notes in the near future,” says Chun-Chin Su, VP, Product & Strategy of Kdan Mobile. “Users can easily find topics that interest them with Inspod and share their insights with the platform’s community, classmates or colleagues.”

Inspod allows users to mark timestamps and annotate on Podcast or YouTube episodes. Users can rewind the highlighted moment by clicking the timestamp for future reference. Each annotation card can be categorized by personal tags and saved in the cloud for easy access and quick reference.

“We think Inspod will help modern learners by giving them more flexibility to learn on their terms,” explains Wei-Chung Wang, Ph.D., Kdan Mobile’s vice president of global marketing and strategy and full professor at Juniata College. “For example, e-learners who engage in what’s called, ‘microlearning,’ can quickly play back key parts of lectures or tutorials to improve recall.”

Kdan’s product development team shared that Inspod was conceived partly in response to increasing trends in e-learning participation both for students and professionals. The global e-learning market growth rate is expected to exhibit a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.9% during 2022-2027 due to the spread of the Pandemic, according to IMARC Group research.

For anyone that’s interested in trying Inspod, it is available now on Google Play. More information is also available at Inspod’s Official Website.