How Using Creativity 365 Can Enhance Your Education

Creativity 365 Teacher & Student Offer

As a student at any level, we all have dealt with our fair share of struggles and difficulties ranging from grueling classes, a difficult major (or two), juggling extracurricular activities, and dealing with piles of homework can be extremely tiresome and hard. We promise you that you’re not in this alone and that students from all over the world share these struggles.

While the Creativity 365 series is designed to be used by anyone, students in particular can benefit greatly. This article is meant to give you some useful tips for students by students that can boost your productivity and help you get a leg up this semester.

With a subscription to Creativity 365, you are getting access to five different applications. The set includes Animation Desk, NoteLedge, Markup, Pocket Scanner, and Write-on Video along with 1TB Kdan Cloud Storage.

Digitize school work with Pocket Scanner and Markup

Digitize school work

Making sure you’re putting in the time to study and due diligence can truly be one of the factors that help you get ahead in school. We know that you probably carry your phone with you everywhere, and that means you have the ability to study whenever and wherever you want.

The beauty in that is that you can scan your textbooks and class handouts with your smartphone to manage your projects efficiently. From there, you can annotate the pages you’ve scanned and take notes with your phone or tablet.

Annotating and taking notes from your textbook readings can help what you’re reading sink in further. If you are searching for further evidence, Yale University, presented a case study on annotation and screencasting in April 2016 that highlights the importance of weaving the two together.

There is further evidence to present showing how important note-taking and highlighting key websites are. Raymond Hou, a graduate student from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan highlighted how this has helped him with writing projects in a review. “On a daily basis, I capture and highlight important contents from web pages or documents with Markup and save them in Kdan Cloud. When an idea strikes, I can find all the keynotes in the BOTA list, and start working on my writing projects.” 

Efficiently Organize Information from Multiple Sources with NoteLedge

Organize school work and notes

As we mentioned earlier, note-taking in classes is extremely important. You need to remember what your professor said in a lecture to be able to look back on it at a later date for study material. Recording lectures from your classes, taking pictures of slideshows, and adding your own thoughts to your notes as well can help better your work.

Making sure that your notes are efficient and organized is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If you are gathering information from various places such as the Internet, online courses, PDFs, and other places – we recommend using NoteLedge. With NoteLedge you can record lectures, take pictures of slideshows, add your own thoughts to your notes, and more to help you better understand a topic.

Meng Chen Tsai, a student at China Medical University in Taiwan, highlights that she uses NoteLedge to “record information about Chinese Herbal Medicine.” And that “It is very important to jot everything down carefully right from the start and not mix up any information.” During her classes, Meng Chen uses her iPhone to take pictures of the herbal medicine that is being taught. She then adds the name of the medicine and details on the same page to stay organized.

Create Intriguing Video Projects with Animation Desk & Write-on Video

Create intriguing video projects

It’s no secret that the digital world is the way of the future. Education is drifting away from traditional books and papers as professors turn more towards digital documents such as ebooks and video projects.  Write-on Video is a tool that you can use with your studies to help enhance your digital work and set yourself apart from others. Students can easily shoot, edit, and merge videos right on their phones by using Write-on Video. You can become a storyteller and showcase your work and school life. Adding captions, special effects, and motion stickers are all things that can be done to spice up your videos further and enhance your creativity!

Visual learners can take it a step further with Animation Desk by adding motions to their drawings and having them act in place of notes. It’s also a place for aspiring animators to practice their skills.

Sydney Rose is an art student who has turned to Animation Desk. She loves drawing and aspires to be an animator. Despite living a busy school life, she finds time to create animations and even runs a small business to sell and commission her creations.

Share your Amazing Work Everywhere

Share work anywhere

The best part about Creativity 365 is that it can go with you everywhere. You can stop worrying about forgetting a flash drive. With Creativity 365 you can rely on the cloud for storing those interactive presentations, notes, and digital portfolios. You can also share your works on our online communities, and connect with other creatives from around the world.

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