PDF Reader Update: Transition to Universal iOS App to Simplify Your Download Process

PDF Reader is now a universal app with a comprehensive PDF editing experience for you to easily work on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Download PDF Reader for your iOS devices.

We’re here to announce that PDF Reader is now a universal app available for any iOS device! The separate iPad version of our app will be removed from sale, starting on May 28th, 2021. Moving forward, you can download PDF Reader with this link that takes you to the App Store on both iPhone and iPad. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, we value nothing more than users like you, and we strive to unlock the vast possibilities of mobile work. By freeing global users and businesses from physical and time constraints, we enable unparalleled flexibility, fueling creativity and empowering individuals to achieve their business goals. So here’s some clarifying information and FAQs about some concerns you may have about this transition. Our goal is to give you enough time to make the switch!

Why are we removing the PDF Reader iPad app from sale?

We chose to retire the iPad-only app to bring you a comprehensive PDF editing experience across all your devices. Our team can focus on maintaining a more streamlined and seamless experience that aligns with functionality and universality. Many of our users own both iPhone and iPad. We received concerns in the past about the difficulty of finding and downloading the separate app, so we wanted to remove that barrier for you. 

I’m new to PDF Reader. What does this change mean to me?

You can choose to download the latest universal version of PDF Reader for all your iOS devices, including your iPhone and iPad. With our updated version and your auto-download feature enabled, Apple’s system will automatically download the PDF Reader app to your other iOS devices. How convenient!

I’ve used PDF Reader before. What does this transition mean for me?

The universal app integrates a brand-new reading engine, which improves the quality of your experience. You’ll notice that pages will render more quickly. Reading, in turn, becomes more stable and efficient. Instead of spending most of your time getting the app to work correctly, you can read and edit PDFs on your phone and other devices as you desire. 

If you’re still unsure about the switch, we have listed some important questions that you might be wondering. Read on!

Can I still use the PDF Reader iPad-only app on my iPad?

Yes, you can still use the iPad-only app on your iPad. Removing the iPad-only app from sale won’t remove it from your devices, so none of your data will be lost. The iPad-only version of PDF Reader won’t receive any more updates or bug fixes after May 28th, 2021. However, our customer service center is still available. You can submit support tickets directly from within the iPad app if needed.

Users still can request customer supports via our customer support channel.
Users still can request customer supports direct from within the app.

If I need to reinstall the old app to other devices, where can I find it?

Since the iPad only app isn’t available for sale anymore, you won’t be able to find the app from the App Store on other devices where it isn’t installed yet. You’ll need to launch the App Store app. Then visit your Apple account info and tap “Purchased” to view your purchase history. Here you can re-download the app on any device.

You'll need to download the app from within your
You’ll need to download the app from your “Purchase History” under your Apple ID.

I’m currently using the subscription content in the iPad-only app. Do I have to pay again for the universal upgrade?

With your subscription to Document 365, Deluxe Business Pack, or Kdan Cloud, you can move to the new universal app directly by logging into your Kdan account. When you sign in with your existing Kdan ID, your access to premium features and cloud services will be recovered in the universal app.

Sing in with your Kdan ID to retrieve your access to your subscription content.
Sing in with your Kdan ID

Should I move to the new universal version of PDF Reader immediately?

We highly recommend that you move to the new universal app as soon as possible. The iPad-only app works for now, but it won’t work forever as you upgrade the operating system on your devices. Since the iPad app won’t receive any updates in the future, it means you won’t be able to experience new features, as all upcoming updates are for the new universal app.

For now, we’ve released an update for the iPad-only app with stability and performance improvements. We wanted to make sure the app remains working on devices running iOS 14 (and earlier) before we retire the app. For the compatibility issue, we still recommend that you move to the new app before Apple officially launches the updated operating system for iPad.

How do I make the switch to the new universal app?

To migrate your data from the iPad-only app to the new universal app, please refer to our tutorial article with step-by-step instructions.

We hope our announcement gives you enough time to prepare. The universal PDF Reader is now free to download on any iOS device. This version automatically adjusts the layout based on the device model you’re currently using. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’re excited for these changes, and we encourage you to make the switch to stay up to date with our latest features!