Working from Home with a Global Team

Let’s face it—working from home can be tough, and what can be tougher is trying to work from home when you are a part of a global team. There are numerous challenges that those of us working remotely with international colleagues face on a day-to-day basis. Whether you’re in the home office or stuck on the couch, here are some tips that we have put together to help you navigate working from home on a global scale.  Continue reading “Working from Home with a Global Team”

Building an Effective Online Classroom Using 3 Tools

Dr. Wei-Chung Wang, like many professors and teachers around the world, will be conducting the remainder of the 2020 spring semester online. Dr. Wang is a professor of business and economics at Juniata College, who offers courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, in addition to acting as Kdan’s VP of Global Marketing & Strategy. Follow along to see how building an effective online classroom using 3 tools has helped Dr. Wang. 

“You can’t just stop learning and teaching!”

“I want to introduce some tools you can use to facilitate online learning,” he explains. “I know that the past few weeks, everyone has been rushing to this virtual world and has been trying to learn the best online tools.” He compiled a video lecture where he shares some of the best practices he found for creating an effective online classroom experience. Check out the full video! Continue reading “Building an Effective Online Classroom Using 3 Tools”

Email Subject Lines That Can Improve Your Sales Email

One of the first things any customer sees when they open an email from your company is the subject line. The subject line can make or break the fate of an email and can get a potential customer interested in opening and going through its content.

Email marketing is invested in by 69% of companies who look to get substantial returns. Companies can enjoy close to 44% ROI if they have a solid email strategy targeting the right people and the latest email marketing benchmarks. Hence, it remains one of the most effective marketing strategies any business can utilize, along with SMS marketing, social media marketing, and SEO.

To stand out from the rest, a good subject line is necessary to get the reader’s attention. Good email service providers can help you test out different subject lines until you find one that works. Continue reading “Email Subject Lines That Can Improve Your Sales Email”

Essential PDF Requirements for Learning

Why do you need to know about the essential PDF requirements for learning? COVID-19 is affecting most major institutions and causing economic and supply chain upheaval. Almost every planned gathering has been cancelled or postponed to promote social distancing. The education industry is facing similar disruption. Many colleges are extending spring break, delaying classes, or cancelling the semester. 

These changes are going to impact the way classes are taught, as many schools are switching to online learning to keep classes from being canceled. If you’re preparing to become an online student, you’ll want to make one tool a part of any plan for the coming months: a PDF reader.

Not all readers are created equal, and picking the right tool for yourself can make all the difference. We’re going to break down four key functions your PDF reader needs to perform to ensure a good e-learning experience.  Continue reading “Essential PDF Requirements for Learning”